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SQL Certification: What is it exactly? Why you need to do it?

As a result of the widespread usage of relational databases, SQL (structured query language), which was first created as the language standard for relational database administration, has matured into one of the most essential elements of many businesses’ technological stacks. It also has ties with some of its offshoots and derivatives, such as NoSQL.

You could assume that while SQL serves as the basis for a large number of systems, it only supports a very small ecosystem of rigorous standards and certifications. Wrong. With several companies awarding credentials based on their particular SQL standards, the market for SQL certifications resembles the Wild West in many ways. Being flexible is advantageous when learning SQL.

Microsoft SQL Certification is a professional certification that can be obtained through a skill-testing exam.

The Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA) certificate, the entry-level level of SQL certification, can be used to show fundamental skills in one of three specialty areas: database, developer, or IT infrastructure.

The second level is the International Application and System Assessment (MCSA) certified by Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert (MCSE) certification. These three certifications will be withdrawn on March 31, 2017, and will help individuals prepare for a variety of occupations.

What Microsoft SQL certification best suits your needs?

The most important details of the Microsoft SQL Certification

MTA: Database Certificate

MCSA: Database Administrator Credential, and  Business Intelligence Development is that the MCSA provides training for students who want to advance to professions in server infrastructure, desktop infrastructure, or cloud computing and that data management and analytics is the only designation at the MCSE level that is still relevant today. Additionally, there are additional advantages such as using the Microsoft Server logo, receiving a plaque, gaining access to the SQL Server community e-mail list, receiving invitations to continuing education courses, and is listed in the Microsoft Certified Master directory.

5 Microsoft SQL Certifications

To connect with relational database management systems, SQL is employed. Many certifications that demonstrate a thorough mastery of SQL also assess your general comprehension of various database systems. The certificates listed below demonstrate a mastery of SQL fundamentals in five popular relational database management systems.

1. Azure Data Fundamentals certification from Microsoft

Obtaining this Microsoft entry-level certification verifies your understanding of data principles used in Microsoft Azure data services, including how PostgreSQL and MySQL databases operate.

By demonstrating your proficiency with relational and non-relational data as well as data workloads, this certification extends beyond just SQL.

2. Oracle Database SQL Associate Certification

You may demonstrate your familiarity with essential SQL concepts, particularly when applying them to communicate with the Oracle Database server, by earning the Oracle Database SQL Certified Associate certification. The certification will demonstrate your mastery of the SQL language, data modeling, and using tables, among other things.

3. Associate IBM Certified Database

For anyone wishing to demonstrate their expertise with the Informix or Db2 relational database management systems, IBM provides three Certified Database Associate Certifications. By proving that you have a fundamental grasp of SQL, database architecture, database security, and transaction isolation, you may get the certification. Everyone demands a test.

4. Certification as a MySQL 5.7 Database Administrator and Oracle Certified Professional

One exam is necessary for the MySQL 5.7 Database Administrator Certification, which measures your knowledge of MySQL, an Oracle-developed relational database management system. When working with MySQL, such as installing, setting, and monitoring the database management system, the certification will demonstrate the required expertise.

5. EDB Associate PostgreSQL 12 Certification

Your comprehension of the foundational concepts required to operate with PostgreSQL servers is demonstrated by the EDB PostgreSQL 12 Associate Certification. Relational databases can scale across huge businesses thanks to PostgreSQL. PostgreSQL version 12 is the most recent.

For jobs that involve a lot of time working with certain vendors’ or platforms’ technologies, SQL or database certification requirements could be more typical. Employers could need candidates to hold an Oracle certification, for instance, if the position calls for previous expertise with Oracle databases.

Career benefits of Microsoft SQL Certification

Microsoft SQL certification training provides knowledge on how to manage database systems, perform operations on databases, move databases to the cloud, and scale databases. Most SQL course available is accredited by Microsoft and taught by Microsoft-certified professionals. Professional credentials such as Microsoft SQL certifications can be used to prove proficiency with SQL Server, Microsoft’s relational database management system. There are three levels of Microsoft SQL Certification, each with specialties, helping individuals get ready for various careers.

  • Nowadays, many organizations have a standard requirement that applicants must be proficient in SQL. SQL is at the heart of every corporate database, including those of Facebook, Google, Amazon, and Microsoft. But employers are not limited to well-known brands. Every company deals with data in some way, thus they need staff that is comfortable with SQL.


  • If you’re interested in working in data, you should focus on the skills that employers are seeking. The need for SQL skills considerably outpaces that of other skills like Python, R, and machine learning when it comes to career prospects involving data.


  • The research shows that data analysts earn more than a reasonable wage each year thanks to SQL, which raises the pay scale. The ability to specialize in SQL and data analysis and to keep learning might lead to high-paying jobs in sectors like financial counseling. As a business owner, becoming familiar with SQL will help your company generate money and save money over time.


  • It makes you Different: Employers prefer candidates with technical certifications included in their applications. The value of your CV and that of the company both increase with a training certificate.


  • Data is precious, and businesses rely on competent people. By demonstrating technical expertise while dealing with organizational and customer databases, you promote yourself as a reliable asset to your present clients and business.


  • A Universal Language: SQL has impacted several other programming languages, including Python, JavaScript, C++, and a few more. By studying SQL, you’re also laying the foundation for switching to other languages that are now in demand.


  • You aim for excellence because you have a fresh skill, an excellent résumé, companies that are interested in you, and fantastic money. Your performance at work will improve as a result of all that certainty. Your extra efforts to hone your skills are also noted by your employers.

Why Microsoft SQL Certification is important for every data analyst?

The most common application of SQL nowadays is the foundational architecture that enables users to build dashboards and reporting tools. Databases can easily receive complex instructions, and data may be changed in a matter of seconds. Due to its simplicity of use, users may present data using logical dashboards that can depict it in a variety of ways.

SQL is a database querying language that utilizes relational databases as well as numerous databases at once when it is utilized for data analysis. This open-ended language is user-friendly and offers the required depth for the development of sophisticated dashboards and data analytics applications. Despite having a straightforward vocabulary, SQL is capable of carrying out complicated data analysis.

Although software developers and engineers continue to use SQL often, data analysts also utilize it frequently for several reasons:

  • Data analysts don’t need to copy data into other applications because it may be accessible immediately where it is kept in large volumes.
  • It is simple to use and comprehend.
  • Data analysis with SQL is simple to duplicate and audit in contrast to spreadsheet methods.
  • Microsoft SQL Server, PostgreSQL, and MySQL are just a few examples of the proprietary tools available for SQL that enable users to rapidly construct and interact with databases.
  • Its accessibility, interactivity, and simple structure make it an effective tool for building data warehouses.

Over 10,000 data professionals were polled in 2020, and 65% of Data Analysts said they used SQL, compared to 64% who said they used Python and 28% who said they used R. As a result, SQL continues to be the most widely used language for data workers and one of the fundamental programming languages for developers across all fields.

Benefits of Microsoft SQL Server Certification Training

  • Your chances of landing a job with any company enhance if you have a Microsoft certification.
  • The survey found that 35% of professionals reported that earning the SQL Server certification increased their take-home pay.
  • A little over 48% of professionals believe that holding a Microsoft certification will boost their employment prospects.
  • Getting certified in SQL Server has benefits for both organizations and people.
  • Microsoft SQL Server experts have a special viewpoint on how to maximize their job. Professionals can exhibit their qualifications for Microsoft platforms, apps, and tools in commercial environments after becoming certified.

Database administrators and analysts alike benefit greatly from training for Microsoft SQL Server certification. They have important roles in the organization’s coordination, analysis, creation, and administration of information systems.

In the US, professionals with certification in Microsoft SQL Server generally make the following salaries:

  • $75,00 SQL Developer
  • The administrator of SQL databases, $95,000
  • Administrator Senior SQL Database, $108,000

Everyone is aware that Microsoft Certification is offered at every level, and anybody may choose any course to develop their knowledge and skill set in the field of interest. Every person should have a solid grasp of database infrastructure and core IT skills before starting this career path.

For the following reasons, choose Microtek Learning for SQL Certification:

  • We are a Microsoft Learning certified partner.
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Microtek Learning offers comprehensive technical training and knowledge on Microsoft SQL Server. It helps people and organizations understand every facet of the SQL Server database management system. Whether you want to learn more about constructing, managing, analyzing, or designing databases, our comprehensive Microsoft SQL training courses may help you get there.

SQL Certifications at Microtek Learning

The value of SQL Certification has already been established. Industries trust it in the present working climate. Additionally, it seems to have a future. Therefore, get started with the SQL training from Microtek Learning right immediately. Find out more about their many IT worker courses, which are designed for both beginning and seasoned IT professionals.

Microtek Learning provides in-depth technical instruction and comprehension of Microsoft SQL Server and other Microsoft Certifications. It helps people and organizations understand every facet of the SQL Server database management system. Whether you want to learn more about building, managing, analyzing, or designing databases or whether you’re getting ready to take the Microsoft SQL certification test for the MCSA in the data platform, our comprehensive Microsoft SQL training courses may help you achieve your objective.

In addition to providing basic to advanced SQL Server training, Microtek Learning also assists individuals in learning more about MS SQL training. They may use it to perform several database operations as well as relocate databases to the cloud. Database types, client interactions, and SQL architecture are all covered in detail.

Because all of our teachers are Microsoft certified, professionals can be confident that they will receive the best Microsoft SQL certification training to enhance their careers and create credibility. Our SQL Server 2016 training course has had a significant positive impact on large corporations and organizations. Microtek Learning provides a thorough selection of fundamental, intermediate, and expert-level Microsoft certifications.

Students can study classes on comprehending trigger ideas and data change using T-SQL. All the foundations are covered in our technical SQL Server certification training, including guaranteeing data integrity, optimizing database objects, and restoring and restoring databases.  Obtaining SQL Server 2017 certification demonstrates the capacity to effectively implement and develop a plan to realize the advantages of the SQL Server certification.