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Solar cell installations Services for Home and Factories in Thailand

So, you’ve finally decided not to pay the monthly electricity bill and get done with it once in for all. Green energy is on the rise and installing solar cells at your homes is an easy way of reducing your carbon footprint. Not only that but it is a good long-term investment that will increase the value of your house. With the long lifespan of a solar panel that typically lasts over two decades and more, comes the benefit of exponential cost cutting.

You won’t be dependent on someone else for electricity. 

Benefits of installing solar panels

Not only would installing shop at your home or factories help in cost reduction but it’ll also help Mother Earth. According to Statista, 85% of electricity produced in Thailand is by burning fossil fuels. That’s a huge number and considering its effect on Thailand… is devastating. From Rising sea levels and erosion to extreme weather events.

You’re here to play your part in fighting against all this by installing solar cells at your home and factories. 

But wait, you don’t know where to start, who to choose, what will they do, how much area would it need to fulfill your energy requirements?.

Don’t worry, what you need is Good Solar Cell Installation Services for your place. A reliable company that you can trust to make your money well worthwhile guaranteeing the long-term green electricity supply to your factory or home.

Problems with solar Panels DIY in Thailand

To install solar panels you’d need permits from different government agencies. Plus there needs to be a certified and verified expert to install solar cells on the property. Someone who is certified and registered by the Department of Alternative Energy Development and Efficiency (DAED).

A certificate by the Metropolitan Electricity Authority (MEA) and Provincial Electricity Authority (PEA) manages the grid to which excess electricity generated by solar cells installed at your home or factory can be sent.

And more permits like SSP and VSSP.

Plus all this effort won’t be worth it if you don’t know the right location. By right means the most efficient location for solar panels to be installed and your energy consumption needs you can’t go wrong with that too.

Space is a big factor when it comes to installing solar panels on your property. 

If you have a small space and want to make the most out of it, monocrystalline solar panels are a good option. These solar panels are efficient and can maintain energy production efficiency in the long run. The downside to monocrystalline panels is that they are costly due to the complex process of their production.

On the other hand, If you own a large space with sunlight you can save your money by buying polycrystalline solar panels. Although these panels are not as efficient as monocrystalline, they make up for it by being cheaper.

You can either go through and fulfill all the requirements, look for a suitable location, types of solar panels for you, the right type of batteries, and a supported system to go with that.

All of it’ll take a plethora of time or you can just look for Solar shop Installation Services for Homes or Factories.


That’s where Saimai Solar comes in. A company with a proven track record and been in the game since 2011. With certified experts who specialize in both On-Grid and Hybrid-Grid systems.with extensive experience in designing and installing a variety of solar panel systems.

Our experts will help you in selecting the right type of solar panels according to your energy consumption needs.

To ensure the best quality solar cell for your home Saimai Solar imports solar panels from abroad.

Why choose Saimai Solar for Your Solar Cell Installation Services in Thailand?

We have a huge inventory of high-quality solar panels along with accessories to put solar panels in place makes us the go-to choice for Solar Cell Installation Services for Homes and Factories in Thailand.

Our job doesn’t just stop at installing. We’ll help you with the maintenance of solar panels after installation. We’ve experts from respective fields to show you the ropes. Not only a high-quality service but also a warranty of over 30 years. 

  1. 10-year inverter warranty
  2. 15 years solar panel structure warranty
  3. Solar panel warranty achieves more than 84.80% efficiency in 30th year
  4. Installation work 2 years warranty
  5. Free 1-time solar panel washing service

We’re here to help and assure you of a solid work with warranty. That’s what sets us apart from others.

We’re spread out around Thailand with over 20 branches filled with employees eager to help you with and are committed to delivering professional and reliable solar solutions.

We are a well-established company with a 40 million baht capital, specializing in solar energy solutions, offering safe transactions, expert services in batteries and electrical testing, and expansive experience with over 1,000 installations.

To sum it up

The world is shifting towards renewable energy and in this time when everyone wants to be self-reliant and save their money solar panels are a way to go. At the same time, one would need an expert opinion on how to do things. Saimai Solar is a reliable company that provides Solar Cell Installation Services for Homes and Factories in Thailand. A company with a good track record with 20 branches manned with experts with certifications in solar energy to help you across any part of Thailand and cover your energy needs.

All your needs in a single place take a step towards solar energy and a greener future contact Saimai Solorshop and start saving now.