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Socialdice: A Simple Guide to Run Successful Ad Campaign on Instagram

With a vast mass user base, Instagram has become one of the leading social media platforms in recent times. As a result, digital markets seek this as the best place to advertise their company products and services. For marketers, Instagram marketing campaigns are beneficial for them to achieve their goals in a limited period.

By making Instagram Ad campaigns, your marketing strategy will uplift the outcomes for your brand. Alongside, you can buy instagram reels views which will maximise your page growth and drive traffic to your profile.

Are you doubtful about how to execute a perfect ad campaign? Leave that aside, this article will help you have complete knowledge of conducting ad campaigns.

Instagram Campaign Types

Business professionals usually carry out an Instagram campaign to meet their targeted goals. It may be either brand engagement or driving more purchases for their company. The below-listed kinds of campaigns will be useful are discussed as follows;

#1 Campaign for Promotion

Promotion campaigns are carried out to increase sales and promotion for the brand. It is the key to ensuring that your audience is ready to purchase. You can run your promotion campaign after achieving the stage of constructing a loyal customer base. Popular brands use this kind of ad campaign to announce their discounts and flash sales.

#2 Influencer or Celebrity Campaign

Influencer campaigns are an effective way to attract a larger target audience. For this to work out, you must tie up with an influencer who has more fanbase. Find the influencer relevant to your niche. It will help to reach the target audience more quickly.

#3 Campaign for Engagement

Compared with other social media platforms, Instagram has a higher engagement rate. So organising such campaigns will lead the users to interact more with your content directly.

You will calculate the engagement rate based on your likes, shares, comments, profile visits, and saves.

#4 Campaign Contests

Generally, contest campaigns involve giveaways and prizes. This will be an added advantage because you will be able to get noticed by users. As a result, it sets down to get more followers for the page. The interesting part is that you can set rules and regulations for this type of campaign.

#5 Campaigns for Cause

People are more interested in saving nature and helping poor people. A cause campaign is a way to show your brand values and connect to the person’s diligence. For example, you can conduct an event for charitable organisations.

#6 Teaser Campaign

It gives a quick overview of your upcoming projects as a sneak peek. You can use the teaser campaign to build on interest and demand for your products. It would be best if you were careful in releasing a campaign because of overwhelming information. So plan your teaser content effectively.

#7 Awareness Campaigns

By conducting an awareness campaign, your objective must be to get more visibility for your product or business. In addition, this will showcase the brand’s exciting and exceptional features to make your audience aware of your product.

Naturally, Instagram is a platform for searching brands and following. Considering this fact, you may endeavour Socialdice to increase your brand awareness at an instant pace.

#8 Paid Instagram Campaign

You can use paid Instagram promotion, if you have a budget for your business. It is the campaign that the business pays to serve through posts and stories. The costs for this ad differ by the factors such as competitive industry, your target, season times, etc.

You can also choose formats like images, Stories, videos, collections, Shopping, Reels, IGTV, etc.

Steps to Run Successful Ad campaigns

So far, you have seen various types of ad campaigns. Read further to learn the steps to use this campaign for your benefit.

I) Choose Your Goal

Focus on what you want to sell and set your justifications accordingly. It is the first step in creating your campaign. Next, set your campaign goal, and what will be the expected outcome of the plan?

For example, if you are looking to increase your sales rate through the campaign. Then your goal must be driving conversions for your brand.

II) Choose Target Audience

After choosing your goal, the next part is to select your target audience. Instagram Analytics will be helpful for this purpose as it gives a detailed description of your audience. By considering the analytics, you can set your target audience respectively.

If you are a fashion brand, your target will be female users. This is because they are primarily involved in fashion accessories.

III) Choose a Format for Advertising

You should choose the best format to run your Instagram ads. It should deliver your message without getting interrupted by unnecessary details. Picking your ad format might be challenging as it is an essential part of your campaign.

So ensure that it works best for your business and can draw attention. Consider trying Socialdice, which will boost your post engagement and strengthen your profile.

IV) Design Your Ad

By now, you have decided all the necessary stuff for your campaign. It is time to put on your creative hat and show your uniqueness. In this step, you should craft the tone of your content and photographs and how well you can design to increase your sales.

remember these points while designing;

  • Make it direct and short.
  • Setting up your brand logo.
  • Accessible CTA in the ad.
  • Conduct simple tasks or competitions.

V) Budget and Testing

This is the final step to launching your Instagram ad campaign. If this is your first campaign, you must be conscious of spending money. So invest small amounts and learn from the first campaign. Take the feedback and lessons learned first and implement them in your upcoming ones.

You can test your campaign’s engagement and how it is going well. It determines the aspect of the contents, images, and your call to action information. Take the hints and work on it later to make your next ad campaign even more effective than the previous one.

Bottom Line

Instagram is a platform to learn more and grow more. So take advantage of the opportunity of becoming a successful brand. It is ok if your first ad campaign seems to be challenging to execute effectively.

But by knowing these steps, you can generate a perfect ad campaign that will lead to effective outcomes. Set your target and be a game changer in the marketing sector.