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Social media growth companies and business growth

It is increasingly essential for companies to advertise on social networks to achieve positioning, recognition, and increase in customers. To take advantage of the technological boom of social networks, FedEx Express shares some practical tips that can produce good results for SMEs:

Develop a following with social media growth companies

According to Cyberg The best messages and the newest content will not impact if only a dozen ‘followers’ see them on social networks. Companies moving to social media need to ensure that they amass a large enough following for their social platforms to be effective. Building a user fan base can require investment; for example, Linkedin, Facebook, and Twitter allow businesses with small budgets to advertise through suggested posts, recommended followers, and other means.

Remember, you are the newbie!

 Penny Power, author of the Digital Business Britain Manifesto in the UK and founder of the Digital Youth Academy, says, “If you had just moved to a town, you wouldn’t open the door of your new local pub and yell that you’re a plumber or architect for people to give you business. You would join in what’s going on around you, chat with people, and let people know what you’re doing so they’ll remember you when they need your services.” The same thing happens on social media. Existing online communities such as Facebook Pages, LinkedIn communities, or Twitter hashtags in targeted markets can provide the necessary starting point for a business to develop a customer base in new markets.

Social networks, beyond customer service

Arash Abolhasani, Founder of cyberg : “Brands have been incorporating social networks into their marketing strategy, but these go beyond mere customer service. They are currently a growth engine for companies; they generate traffic, build brand image, create community, and achieve more significant interaction with the audience”

To get the most out of social networks, companies can actively listen to what their potential customers are talking about and commenting on. It’s a way to get to know them.

It is about adding value to the user through the different social channels with social media growth companies. Many companies provide an unrealistic image on their networks. They have moved away from their brand values ​​as they have prioritized trends, what is carried in social networks, against the need of consumers. We often focus on the quantitative data that these channels provide us. Still, we must consider the communication between people, transmitting those messages, and how our audience receives them.

The role social media growth companies in different strategies

Although its primary function is to serve socialization, social networks are not relegated to being used as means of advertising, being able to help you in your growth strategies.

It is well known that the economic cost, not to mention other kinds of sacrifices, to pay advertising expenses can be pretty high.

The problem is that these same ones involve an infinity of worries that, without a doubt, translate into time and money.

Brochures, billboards, radio, or television spots represent expenses that can be reduced since today, the best way to reach the target audience is digital marketing.

Perhaps the solution to these problems does not lie in altogether omitting typical advertising costs, but with a medium as vast and interactive as social networks; it becomes more and more necessary to opt for it.


As it is inevitable to run into advertisements in everyday life, it is also in a certain way in social networks; they are everywhere, and this medium cannot be the exception.

It is truly unique how many companies and organizations have gained considerable support from the dizzying spread of social media.

If social movements, event organizations, and common causes reach the computer or smartphone of any individual in the most immediate way, imagine how your company could position itself in one of their interests with social media growth companies.

The most incredible thing is that this range of people is limited to a small social sector, state, or even country, but it is spreading worldwide.

This means that a person from China can contact another from Europe, or someone residing in Mexico can easily share their intimacy with someone who lives on the other side of the world.

And although this seems somewhat irrelevant, since most likely the consumer of your product is not on the other side of the hemisphere, the fact that all these nationalities contact your social networks, “like” your page, or follow it on Twitter, expands your opening of the action.

For example, a Facebook page that has 10,000 likes makes more impression on any consumer than one with 500, considerable changes that can help even the most distant audience.

Of course, the success of using completely free social networks has its limits, although it remains much broader than it seems.

These same pages allow them to be promoted directly, which implies a cost.

But just contrasting the increased expense resulting from this with ordinary advertising, it becomes clear that social networks never go beyond being genuinely cheap.

The benefits are innumerable, and those that may come in the future may be even more numerous; you need the desire to enter this world of new possibilities.

Measure the results (ROI)

How to know if your growth strategies are being effective with social media growth companies? Your company’s revenue is a good indicator of social media marketing success. read more on deptin

However, these will depend on the sales cycle of each business, so you can additionally measure other indicators that reveal the performance of your investment.

I recommend the following:


In social networks, we refer to the number of people your content reaches.

As you can imagine, this largely depends on the number of followers.

If you are not attracting new ones, you should focus your growth strategies on it. A page/profile on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram, the more users it has connected, will achieve greater prestige and perception of trust on the part of people.

Think about it, a fan page with 100 likes is not the same as one with 10,000.


One of the most critical goals in your social media growth strategies is generating traffic to your website.

Do you remember that I recommended you to use links in each publication with social media growth companies? Well, this is the time to verify if they were effective, in case you have used links that go to your website in the posts.

Monitor how many visits you received in the month come from social networks. If, as I mentioned, you used landing pages, it also measures how many clicks they had, regardless of whether they filled out the form or not (that will be counted later).

Conversion rate

Now yes, of all your website’s visits, how many sales prospects did you generate?

That is, how many people were interested in your product to the point that they asked for more information about it, or of all those who clicked on your CTAs, what percentage left their data in the form.

If you are getting many visits but few conversions to sales prospects, do not be alarmed; it is normal if you are starting to apply growth strategies.

However, if this becomes a constant and, even worse, you cannot get leads or make sales, you should check what is wrong.

Perhaps your links are not working, your landing pages take time to load, or the premium content is not what users expect.

There can be many reasons; Analyze them based on your schedule, your Buyer Persona, and the buyer’s journey with social media growth companies.