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SnapEdit.app Pioneering AI to Remove Object And More Than That 

Ha Noi, Vietnam, December 27, 2023 – SnapEdit.app emerges today as a leader in AI-powered photo editing, enabling users to seamlessly erase objects within images through advanced artificial intelligence. The newly launched web and mobile application provides instant object removal alongside other one-click editing features like background deletion or photo enhancements.

SnapEdit’s AI Object Remover – The Key Feature

At the core of SnapEdit.app is a groundbreaking object removal algorithm harnessing AI spatial comprehension. After uploading an image, its AI engine scans through and distinguishes foreground subjects from backgrounds. Objects are painted over with the red cover and then users can simply select any unwanted people, structures, or other elements for clean deletion.

“Our system understands photo contents as opposed to just recognizing pixels,” said the CTO of SnapEdit. “It identifies objects, determines contours and depths, and erases selections while blending surrounding colors and lighting naturally. No other consumer application offers this level of AI.”

With a single click, the object removal tool will delete all detected flawlessly. Its AI fills any remaining gaps seamlessly by adapting lightness, shadows, contrasts, and gradients from surrounding areas. Even with multiple object removals, the final image appears untouched.

Additional One-Click Photo Editing Tools

Alongside AI-powered object removal, SnapEdit.app features:

  • Background removal spotlighting main photo subjects
  • Brightness and shadow adjustments
  • Text stripping to erase unwanted labels or signs
  • Sky replacement for picturesque landscapes
  • More effects coming soon

This 2023 December, SnapEdit.app has released two major photo enhancement capabilities for easier editing. Auto Light brightens images instantly using artificial intelligence to adjust contrast and saturation for more vibrant photos. The proprietary algorithm intensifies colors and light levels regardless of initial quality, minus noise or artifacts. 

Meanwhile, Easy Shadow enables users to add natural-looking shadows behind subjects with one click for extra dimension. By analyzing contours, depths, and light sources, SnapEdit.app’s AI layers customized shadows based on the scenery that appear subtly realistic.

These innovations further SnapEdit.app’s mission to automate photo editing through advanced AI. The company plans to expand its extensive toolbox entering 2024, aiming to eventually fully replicate skilled manual post-processing automatically.

Transformative Across Industries

With its unprecedented AI removing photo objects and other amazing photo editing tools, SnapEdit.app holds valuable applications across industries. Individual social media influencers praise its acceleration of visual content creation. Commercial photographers and graphic artists leverage its object deletion for client deliverables. Government agencies explore uses for sensitive imaging needs.

“We are only beginning to unlock the potential of AI in image editing,” said Founder and CEO Nam Nguyen. “As SnapEdit.app progresses, we envision augmenting our software with 3D, animation, video, and more to automate creative media production completely.”

Experience groundbreaking AI photo editing at SnapEdit.app or download the iOS/Android app.

More About SnapEdit

Launched in 2021, SnapEdit pioneers AI for automated photo and video editing. It is available in both web app and mobile app versions, providing both free and pro plans to explore. Learn more at SnapEdit: 

Other notable features available at SnapEdit includes:
Photo enhancer
– Background removal
– Wires removal
– AI Art generation
– Many, many more….

Media Info:

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