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Smarter Advertising with Clickmatix: AI Upgrades for Google Ads Unveiled

(31st July 2023, Melbourne) In a recent Google Marketing Live event, the digital advertising landscape is set to be revolutionised in 2023 as Google unveils its Google ads AI features. Shaking hands with the power of AI, Google Ads AI introduces cutting-edge advancements poised to elevate ad campaigns to unpatrolled heights of success. This transformative technology promises to optimise ad targeting, enhance ad copy relevance, and maximise ROI, propelling businesses towards unstoppable growth. With Google Ads AI, the future of advertising is redefined, leaving marketers excited about the boundless possibilities that lie ahead.

Simplified campaign setup with AI-chat

Google is stepping up its game with a conversational AI feature within Google Ads that feels just like chatting with a friendly colleague. They’re calling it ‘AI-chat’, and it promises to simplify campaign set-up like never before. Imagine brainstorming campaign ideas with an AI assistant. It’s like having a creative companion by your side!

Getting started is super smooth. Simply add a landing page and let the AI scan it to generate keywords, headlines, descriptions, images, and other campaign assets. Of course, you’ll need to provide some information about your product or services to help AI understand your goals better.

Once you’re in the conversation, the real magic happens. Google’s AI will work its algorithmic wonders and suggest campaign ideas that perfectly align with potential search queries. You can also fine-tune or edit the suggestions until they reflect your brand’s voice and message. Google shared a delightful example of how this feature responds brilliantly to a search for ‘skin care for dry sensitive skin’ with the headline ‘Soothe Your Dry, Sensitive Skin’.

Naturally, to make this AI chat work like a charm, it’s essential to have a highly relevant landing page brimming with fantastic content and creativity. Quality matters! One fantastic aspect of this feature is its optional nature. So, if you prefer to maintain complete control over your ads, you can keep doing things your way. However, Search Engine Land cautions advertisers in regulated industries to be mindful not to let AI take all the reins, as it could lead to some hot water. AI chat is an exciting new frontier in the world of digital advertising and could become a real game changer!

The power of Performance Max campaigns

Google is upping its game with Performance Max Campaigns, already employing the brilliance of AI to create ad headlines and optimise bids across various platforms like Search, Gmail, Maps, YouTube, Google Display Network, and Discover. But that’s just the beginning; brace yourself for an extraordinary new addition!

Get ready for the generative image tool, an innovation about to rock your marketing world! This incredible feature harnesses the power of Google’s AI to create custom image assets tailored specifically to your business. It’s like a creative powerhouse at your fingertips. Using this tool is easy. Simply provide your final URL and add a brief description of your product or service, and let Google AI work its magic. In no time, you’ll be presented with a collection of different AI-generated images ready to add a stunning visual touch to your campaigns.

In all seriousness, there is a known concern about AI-generated images being biased. However, it’s important to note that Google continually works to improve and refine this feature to deliver the best possible results. What makes this feature truly remarkable is its potential to be a saviour for smaller brands operating with limited budgets for design and creativity. Performance Max campaigns are about to enter a whole new level of personalisation and creativity, and we can’t wait to see how it empowers marketers to captivate audiences like never before!

Ads within the new Search Generative Experience

Google also introduced the Search Generative Experience with cutting-edge AI features. With SGE taking up significant page real estate, it’s no surprise that Google is eager to integrate ads into the results seamlessly. It’s all about bringing you relevant and helpful content while supporting businesses to thrive in the digital landscape. Imagine AI-powered ads that feel tailor-made for you, addressing your unique needs and preferences. 

With ads smoothly blending into your search experience, you can now bid farewell to those unwanted interruptions. Your search journey will now be seamless, powered by ads that complement your interests.


It’s time to appreciate and enjoy the future of digital advertising as businesses and industries across explore AI features for Google Ads in 2023! As a Google Ads Agency in Melbourne, Clickmatix  lead the charge in utilising the potential of Google Ads services. Their tailored, goal-focused Google Ads services has helped 500+ businesses to take their brand to new heights.


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