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Silo Launches $0 Bond Trading

AUSTIN, TX – Silo, a novel modern bond platform, has just launched its $0 bond trading option as of Q1 2024. The team at Silo has dedicated considerable effort toward innovating the optimal approach for retail investors to partake in bond investments. Initiating this venture by focusing on user experience, Silo developed a platform that is forward-thinking in its mobile accessibility. It also provides the safety and security synonymous with a longstanding institution like Interactive Brokers.

Silo has launched $0 bond trading as of Q1 2024.

Silo offers up to $500,000 in SIPC insurance and $2.5 million in FDIC insurance. The company is committed to offering a modern investment platform, without compromising on safety and security.

The company laid a foundation based on creating a superior user experience, and then shifted its focus to cost efficiency for its clientele. It is with pride that Silo announces its model, entirely devoid of commission fees, trading fees, spreads, markups, and payments for order flow. This bold move sets a new standard for financial platforms which often proclaim low costs while imposing various fees.

A comparative glance at our competitors reveals charges ranging from $1 to $2.5 per bond for Treasuries and $3.5 to $5 for Corporate bonds, as detailed in their disclosures.

The discourse on “free trading” strategies by contemporary fintech frequently touches on the ethics of “Payment for Order Flow”. In this model, firms earn by routing trades to market makers. Those market makers leverage trading algorithms to identify purchase prices within the bid-ask spread that are marginally lower than the submitted order.

For instance, should an order be placed at $100, a market maker acquiring the security at $99.90 gains a profit margin, a portion of which is shared with the brokerage. This practice, though lucrative, faces scrutiny and regulatory challenges across various jurisdictions due to potential conflicts with the fiduciary duty to ensure the best execution for clients.

Silo has advanced its dedication to cost-effective investing by offering a year of commission-free investing for new sign-ups via a designated link. The initiative emphasizes Silo’s no-fee policy, including the absence of membership fees, commissions, markups, trading fees, spreads, and profits from payment for order flow, essentially ensuring that Silo will not profit from users during the free trial.

Silo invites investors to join in its mission to redefine brokerage services, heralding a new era of “Anti-Brokerage” with comprehensive and cost-effective investment solutions.

About Silo Markets

Silo Markets is a novel bond investment platform designed to provide greater accessibility to the field of conservative fixed income investing. The company targets millennials and has created a user-friendly interface offering investment opportunities with a focus on long-term financial growth. Silo has been letting US residents into its iOS app since December 20, 2023. The content in this article is meant to be informative and should not be construed as financial advice.

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