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Signity Unveils First Ever Zoho CRM Activity Package for UiPath Developers

A globally-renowned technology company Signity Solutions, today announced the first-ever Zoho CRM API activity package, an all-in-one solution that bridges the gap for UiPath developers to create automation in Zoho. It is a UiPath Silver-certified component that is available to developers free of charge. There is no existing inbuilt component for Zoho CRM integration and no third-party component available in the UiPath marketplace, which helps developers while developing automation for Zoho CRM.

“Creating automation for the Zoho suite of products requires manual integration of APIs, a time-consuming and error-prone process. This component automates the auth code generation process, optimizing the development time.
This is a small contribution from Signity Solutions to save developer time and utilizes the Zoho APIs in the application as needed. Looking Forward to many more. “
Mangesh Gothankar, CTO Signity Solutions

This first-ever Zoho CRM activity package offers enterprises a more comprehensive automation foundation to achieve fast and accurate outcomes. This free Zoho CRM Activity Package allows developers to define the scope for access to various Zoho services at the beginning. It empowers developers with the ability to edit and redefine scope quickly with one-time Auth code validation in the process.
By using Zoho console credentials, the Zoho CRM API directly fetches the result for any required module and gets data APIs in JSON format, optimizing the development time.

This package retrieves data for different Zoho modules, such as:
● Search any data for the Zoho CRM.
● Insert the Zoho CRM record for any given module.
● Obtain the data for any required module.

Official business partner with UiPath, Signity caters to a global clientele base across different industries. Furthermore, Signity supports enterprises in their automation journey to become more agile in the macro market pressure along with advancing digital transformation initiatives.
Signity RPA managed services teamed with market-leading UiPath’s automation platform empower companies to enhance business ROIs by leveraging the digital workforce. We provide complete RPA solutions from consulting, automation design, and implementation, to management and support.