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Should I Tip the Weed Delivery Guy Near Me?

Finally, after years, tipping the weed guys is becoming a common practice. The weed delivery guys save you from the hassle of driving to the dispensary to get the weed. They often go the extra mile to deliver weed to your doorstep. Therefore, the weed delivery guys truly deserve the tip. What about the weed delivery near you? Have you ever given or considered giving him a tip? Well, here is what you should do.

Should you tip the weed delivery guy near you?

It’s totally up to you. However, the tip is much appreciated. If you ask me, I would suggest you tip the weed delivery guy. The weed delivery guy near you must be treated the same. He should receive at least 10% to 20% of the total price of the order. However, if you think the weed delivery guy delivering from some far-off place deserves more. You can tip the delivery guy near you 5% to 10% of the price of the order and 15% to 20% to the guy coming from some far-off place.

Why should you tip the weed delivery guy near you?

The weed delivery guy near you deserves a tip for several legitimate reasons. Here are a few.

  • Low income
  • Risk
  • Timely delivery
  • Appreciation

Low income –  The one major reason why you should never refrain from tipping the weed delivery guy is the low income. The average wage for a weed delivery guy is pretty low. Most of them are hardly living from hand to mouth. Therefore, the weed delivery guy must be tipped. If we begin tipping the weed delivery guys near you as well, the daily, weekly, and monthly income would increase. It would improve their standard of living and bring a smile to their face as well.

Risk – We all know high-quality weed is super expensive. The weed delivery guys carry weed worth several hundred dollars. They often encounter robbers and people involved in malpractices. Therefore, the weed delivery guys deserve the tip as they take a huge risk to deliver your weed on time.

Timely delivery – Timely delivery is also a reason why you should always be the weed delivery guy. The weed delivery guy makes sure to deliver to you as early as possible. No matter what the weather condition, or how many hurdles are there in the way, the weed delivery guy makes timely delivery. Don’t they need to be appreciated by giving a tip?

Appreciation – The weed delivery guys share your burden. Therefore, they must be appreciated. There are a lot of ways to appreciate the weed delivery guys. Giving 10% to 20% of the total price of the order as a tip is one of them.


It’s up to you, you do not necessarily have to tip the weed delivery guy. However, it’s highly recommended to give tips to the weed delivery guy near you as well. It would help the poor guy in earning a decent living.