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Shipping container in Baltimore: exciting facts to discover!

Daily, shipping containers carry everything you can imagine. Yet now we will talk not so much about the technical aspects of containers, but about practical and interesting facts related to these transport modules. Moreover, they are widely used all over the world. If you need, you can find a new or used shipping container Baltimore or closer to your dislocation.

9 interesting facts about your shipping container

1. The first modular shipping container was designed in 1955.

In 1955, McLean developed a revolutionary modular container with four corner posts. These racks made it possible to easily lift containers and stack them on ships. It helped to solve the problems of transport in bulk (which was common at the time) and increase the efficiency of shipment. He generously distributed the patent for free so that everyone could start using it.

2. 97% of all shipping containers are produced in China.

For sure, you can buy a new full-fledged shipping container in Baltimore that has been carefully produced in China. There are two reasons for this. First of all, labor costs are very low in China. The second reason is that China has the necessary large manufacturing capacity. It produces most of the world’s output. So, it is better to build containers there, rather than build them in s different place and then transport them.

3. 20 million shipping containers are on the move at any possible time.

This is about both land-based and sea-based containers. Have you known that one shipping container can cover the cost of a trip to the moon and back every year? And, this is not an allegory! Can you imagine it?

4. Shipping containers are practically indestructible.

If you look for a shipping container of good quality in Baltimore, then rely on Pelican Containers. With proper care, their containers can last 25 years or more. Moreover, 40 ft containers typically survive 20 ft shipping containers. Do you know how? They are just not usually packed to their weight limit. And due to their durability, once they are out of use, they can be used for a variety of other purposes. For example, shipping containers are often used for building kiosks,cafes, offices and classrooms, swimming pools, etc.

5. Every year, more than 9500 shipping containers are lost at sea.

That’s almost 190 containers per day! Usually, they fall off the ship because they were not properly secured, or bad weather weakened the anchorages during transportation. In most cases, they simply drown at the bottom of the ocean. Luckily, in some cases, containers float, and the cargo gradually returns to land. In 1992, a 40-foot shipping container filled with baby rubber ducks fell into the Pacific. Ducks washed up on the coast of Alaska in 10 months. And, surprisingly, their journey has helped oceanologists learn more about ocean currents around the world.

6. Currently, 95% of the world’s cargo is transported by sea.

Almost all of these cargoes are transported in shipping containers. Eventually, this is the most cost-effective way to transport goods across the world. A standard 40ft container can hold lots of various goods, being just a steal in terms of money. And the speed, efficiency, and reliability of delivery cannot be replicated by any other kind of transport.

7. Shipping container numbers are not random.

Every commercial shipping container has a serial number which consists of a four-letter prefix and a seven-digit number. The first three letters represent the owner, and the fourth letter represents the category of the container. Usually, it is “U”. The next six digits are arbitrary. But the last digit is a so-called check figure. It is calculated by using a complex mathematical formula. Let us not go into detail. Just know for sure that the container number is never completely random.

8. Shipping companies own a half of all shipping containers.

This fact doesn’t seem very surprising. Large shipping companies, like Maersk, Hapag-Lloyd, MSC, and others, own about 50% of the transport containers used in 2022. The rest are leased. In addition, all modern leases are usually concluded for a period of 1 to 10 years.

9. Containers marked for food or chemicals are not allowed to be used for other types of goods.

Once the ISO shipping container has been used for the transportation of food, it cannot be used for any other type of cargo. This is necessary to prevent contamination. The same rule applies to an ISO container marked for chemicals. Moreover, the chemicals allowed to transport under the law will depend on the three previous chemicals transported before in the same container.

The main responsibilities of the consignee

Yep, it comes so that consignees also have some responsibilities. De facto, in the contract of carriage, the consignee is an individual or legal entity that receives the goods at the port of destination. In some cases, the consignee may be the same as the recipient but not in all situations. The bill of lading must include the name and contact information of the consignee.

The main duties of the consignee are:

  1. Delivery: the consignee must ensure that the goods are delivered to the port of destination on the agreed date and time.
  2. Collection: The consignee must be present at the port of destination to receive the goods unless otherwise stated in the bill of lading. Some shipping companies require the consignee to produce supporting documents such as a passport, identity card, or driver’s license.
  3. Inspection: The consignee is obliged to inspect the goods and check whether there has been any damage or loss of goods.
  4. Submission of claims: In case of loss or damage to the shipment, the consignee must file a claim with the carrier.

International delivery can be a complex and tedious process. In the process of delivery from the shipper to the consignee, several steps have to be taken. The process involves the flow of documents and goods from source to destination. More than this, the quality of a shipping container must be taken into consideration. By purchasing from the Pelican Containers company, you can always be sure of the highest quality of their items.

Summing it up

Shipping containers play a huge role in our life. Almost everything you use every week and day, like food, drinks, clothes, furniture, and appliances, is transported in a shipping container. But how much do you know about shipping containers? Is there something about these big metal boxes that you still don’t know? In this article, we tried to discover answers to these questions. Hopefully, you will like the interesting facts about Pelican Containers that we’ve put together!