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“Shams Media” company, owned by the entrepreneur Adam Mustafa Jijine is gaining momentum. It is recruiting all the celebs in the Arab sector for a new and one-of-a-kind campaign.

Shams Media is a video production firm that has worked with hundreds or thousands of customers. It offers marketing, photography, and advertising services for big businesses and commercial interests. A top-notch video production firm like Shams Media aims to provide exciting and original material. This is because having engaging and unique content can guarantee your success. Like nothing else, it grabs the audience’s attention!

Shams Media creates the highest quality precise motion content for customers in various industries. A video production firm makes video content for the marketing efforts of other companies. This video content includes commercials, online advertisements, product demos, corporate videos, and videos used for employee training. Shams Media uses a range of methods to produce its videos. A company like Shams Media can create videos that bring your ideas to life. Shams Media is dedicated to going above and above for customers of all shapes and sizes. Even a basic video creation requires multiple complicated steps, from meeting clients and getting to know them to developing animations and gfx and uploading the movies online.

Shams Media adapts every strategy to fit the needs of each client. Still, one thing remains constant: the company’s dedication to using video’s persuasive qualities to advance brands and tell stories.

Shams Media is gaining momentum daily and progressing by leaps and bounds. Shams Media is a video production company trusted by clients across Israel. Not only laypeople but highly influential celebrities have also worked with Shams Media. This shows the quality of work and dedication offered by the video production company. Many big and famous names in the Arab Sector, like Luna Mansur, have collaborated with Shams Media for a new and one-of-a-kind campaign. Luna is an Arab actress, and she rose to prominence for her part in the popular series “Fauda.” Luna has also done great work with Shams Media.

So what is this new campaign, and what is its idea?

Shams Media has formed a new influencers’ platform, which is one-of-a-kind.

A recently disclosed strategic alliance between Shams Media and OMNES Media, an integrated media and communications solutions provider. They announced the formation of the platform purely built for influencers. This alliance’s primary purpose is to form this new influencers’ platform.

The Influencer’s Platform is intended to expose a new generation of influencers to the social media world through certified academic and professional programs. Shams Media will deliver these programs to educate and upskill influencers and professionals across various fields.

An open digital marketplace will also be a part of the influencers’ platform, allowing local and global business sectors to communicate directly with influencers. Businesses will receive recommendations for influencers depending on the needs of their campaigns, with the use of artificial intelligence and a sophisticated search engine.

Shams Media continues to achieve great things day and night and will continue to do so. For more information on Shams Media and the new campaign.

– Website: https://www.shamsmediaa.com/

– Instagram profile: https://www.instagram.com/adam_jijine/