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SC Vehicle Hire Has Launched A New Range Of Vans For Hire

The new range of vans will help service the high demand from businesses and individuals in the country.

Southampton, Hampshire, UK, July 15, 2023 – SC Vehicle Hire, a vehicle rental company in the United Kingdom, has launched a new range of vans for hire. This development comes from increased demand for reliable transportation solutions from people across the country. The company made a substantial financial commitment to add to its existing fleet of vans and spent millions of pounds to offer customers more choices when it comes to their mobility choices. According to the owner of the vehicle rental, Peter Mann, the investment in the new range of vans is a part of their ambitious plan to become one of the top van rental services in the country.

Talking to the media, Peter commented, “As someone who came into this industry to provide more options to people, the acquisition of new vans is a step in that direction. While running a vehicle rental service for over two decades, we saw that there is still a gap for high-quality van rentals that are not getting fulfilled. Existing players are charging exorbitant sums of money, which pushes the cost of mobility higher for interested customers and discourages the growth of this segment. The decision to expand the van rental range is to rectify this problem and meet the increased demand driven by digital commerce, change in van ownership patterns and tourism growth.”

The acquisition of new vehicles also aligns with the company opening new branches nationwide. The new range of vehicles will be stationed in these new branches so clients can access them on demand, even on short notice. At the same time, some vehicles will be added to the existing fleet in current locations to service the high demand during peak times.

To ensure their new range meets customers’ expectations, the company conducted a thorough competitor analysis and surveyed their existing clients. This process helped them to identify the weaknesses in the product offerings available in the market and enabled them to address those shortcomings by acquiring the correct type of vans. The enhanced selection offers a variety of models, sizes, and configurations to accommodate various transportation needs and overcome the pinpoint of existing offerings in the market.

Peter explained the heightened demand for vans, “Because the economy hasn’t been that great, businesses don’t have the cash to invest thousands of pounds on having their fleet of vans. It has resulted in many postponing key decisions to the detriment of several opportunities. Those who still do so through a bank loan face high-interest payments that can seriously dent their financial statements. Moreover, there is also a new wave of people who don’t want to have the burden of owning vans and prefer having van rentals. Other than this, there is also greater demand from adventure enthusiasts using vans to go on adventures across the UK and Europe with their friends. Our new fleet of vans caters to the different needs of people looking for van rentals without going overboard on their budget. They don’t have to worry about the maintenance of these vehicles or dealing with different insurance agencies, even if they plan to travel across the continent. Our one window solution helps them focus on their core competencies and growing their bottom line.”

During the procurement phase, the new range of vans they acquired incorporated advanced safety features to ensure a secure driving experience for all customers and passengers in the van. Additionally, the vans have ergonomic seating, advanced infotainment systems, and enhanced insulation to improve passenger comfort, especially during long journeys. As part of SC Vehicle Hire’s commitment to environmental responsibility, the new vans also feature fuel-efficient engines that help clients reduce their carbon footprint without compromising overall performance. The fleet now consists of small vans, box vans (Lutons) with a tail lift, large vans, medium vans, minibuses and coaches.

He added, “With the new range of vans, we will continue to offer flexible booking options, transparent pricing, and free-of-cost delivery to the customers. We have a strong presence in the United Kingdom, which gives convenient access to our clients of extended van range. Whether people need vans for moving house in Warwickshire or an adventurous road trip from London with their friends, we provide the perfect van for every occasion. Our long-term contracts with businesses testify to how seriously we take our partnerships with them. We believe this expansion is just the beginning, and we will continue exploring additional opportunities to improve the company’s services further and meet the market’s ever-changing demands.”

The company is very optimistic about the future and remains committed to investing in the growth of the van segment of its business.

He added, “As a UK-based Company, we take pride in helping local communities and entrepreneurs in their business activities. From helping business teams reach the planned workshop or exhibition on time to helping friends and family move around during a wedding, our fleet will facilitate countless events. Regardless of the current economic situation, we are very positive about the economy and will continue to invest in new vans to help meet the needs of our customers in the future.”

People interested in checking out their fleet of vans or want to learn more about their services can visit their website today. They can also check out their locations by clicking on the following link or contacting them using the details below.

About SC Vehicle Hire

SC Vehicle Hire is a vehicle rental company in the United Kingdom dedicated to providing vehicle rental solutions to businesses and individuals nationwide. The firm was started by Peter Mann, who has an experience of over 20 years in the industry and is passionate about solving mobility challenges for businesses across the UK.


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