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Safes or mSpy? Which is better?

Safes or mSpy? 

Among the most popular parental control apps, the two major names are mSpy and Safes. These two offer the most useful features that you can use for setting parental controls on your child’s device. As mSpy’s name suggests, it offers restrictive parental control settings, whereas Safes offers a variety of features that are easier to use and much cheaper. The two apps have major differences which suit different customer needs, but we will try to get to a common ground in which we will choose the better one. Read the rest of this article to find out which one is better, Safes or mSpy? 

Differences Between Safes and mSpy 

Throughout this section, you will learn the major differences between the two apps as we compare their features. Let’s dive deep into each app’s features and use. 


The Safes parental control app offers some of the best online safety features for kids. You can set a geofence, block apps, block categories or keywords on the web, and track your child, among other features. The Safes app can be downloaded on Android, iOS, macOS, and Windows. Read the section below to find out what its features are and how they will help keep your child safe on the internet. 

Safes’s Features 

Web Activity: To monitor your child’s online activity and know what they’re exposed to, you can use Safes’ Web Activity feature. This feature gives you a detailed report of the websites they’ve visited and when they’ve visited them. 

Explicit Content Detection: Safes uses algorithms to detect explicit content on the internet and reports it to the parent. This will exponentially increase your child’s safety online and will put your mind at ease. This way, you won’t need to check the Safes app every couple of minutes. 

Device Status: By using this feature, you can get notifications of your child’s device’s status. The status’ you can choose to get the notifications through either push notification, email, or In-App notifications. 

Live Location: This feature allows you to find out your child’s GPS location at all times. To use this feature, your child needs to be online at the time when you want to see their location. 

Web Activity: This feature allows parents to control their children’s online activity by blocking URLs and keywords. This way, you won’t have to worry about your child accidentally coming across age-inappropriate content on the web. To learn more about how Safes allows you to put parental controls on browsers, read this article. 

Find my Parent: If and when your child feels like they’re in danger, they can use this feature to find their parent quickly. Your child can send a request to you, and after you accept the request, they can see your exact location. As a concerned parent, you will want your child to feel safer when they’re out on their own. 

Pause Device: You can pause your child’s device at any time and block their access to their phone. By using this feature, your child will not be able to use any of their apps unless you allow it on your phone. This is best for when you’re trying to get your child to attend a birthday or family gathering, and they won’t listen. 

Driving Report: By using this feature, you can keep track of all your child’s driving activities. You can get notifications on their driving speed, where they have driven to, and many trips they have taken. This feature has proven to be great for parents with teenage children. 

Let’s see what mSpy offers in comparison with Safes. 


The mSpy app has been a part of parental control apps since 2010. It has gotten some bad reviews from platforms such as The Next Web, calling the app “terrifying”. Since the app runs inconspicuously, it can also be used illegally. But these aren’t the reasons why this app has been included in this review. For parents who are extremely worried about their child’s online safety, mSpy is a decent option. Keep reading to find out what its features are and how it can help you further protect your child from online threats. 

mSpy’s features 

Keylogger: Short for keystroke logger, a keylogger tool that helps parents record all of their child’s keystrokes on their phone. You can use this feature as a digital surveillance tool so as to know what your child types in their texts to their friends. By using this feature, you will be able to rest easy knowing there’s nothing happening on your child’s phone that you don’t know about. In addition, your child will never know that their keystrokes are being tracked, which means they won’t try to hide anything from you. 

Screenrecorder: By using this feature, you can record your child’s phone’s screen without them knowing. This feature can be quite useful if you think your child is deleting messages on Snapchat so as to keep you from finding out what they’re up to. This way, you will always have proof of them doing something they’re not supposed to be doing or texting someone they shouldn’t be texting. 

Installed Applications: This feature will allow you to see which apps they have installed on their phone. You can see their list of apps, the amount of time they have used each app, and block any app through your control panel. Parents with teenage children will sometimes want to keep them from using dating apps or Snapchat for extended periods of time. Well, this feature will allow you to do exactly that. 

Browsing History: The mSpy app lets you keep track of your child’s browsing history through your control panel. After having installed the mSpy app on your child’s phone, you can see how many times they’ve visited a website and what their bookmarks are, all at a glance. 

SMS Monitoring: You can use this feature to find out what goes on in your child’s text messages. Through your control panel, you can easily find out who they have been texting with and what they’ve said in the texts. You will also be able to see the images and videos that they send each other in iMessage. 

GPS Tracker: By using this feature, you can see where your child has been throughout the day. You can get detailed reports of the places your child has visited without them ever finding out unless you tell them yourself. This feature also provides an accurate time and tells you when your child has exited the city. 


After comparing the key features of both apps, we can confidently say that the Safes parental control app is better than mSpy in many aspects. Not only does Safes offer more features, but it also offers its features at a lower price. By using Safes you can make sure your child is safe on the web without having to install an app that breaches your child’s privacy. Keep in mind that although mSpy is more discrete, Safes is more interactive and provides a better user experience for all of its users. However, you must conduct your own research on both parental control apps before making a decision.