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RockStoneTrust Unveils Youth-Centric Marketing Strategy of Shell (SHEL)

Shell’s bold marketing shift toward a younger demographic through gaming and influencers sparks ethical debates, but financial success suggests it may be the key to connecting with the environmentally conscious youth in the evolving energy landscape.

Lancy, Switzerland, November 15, 2023 – Shell PLC ADR (SHEL) has recently embarked on innovative marketing strategies, targeting a younger demographic through initiatives such as online gaming, influencer sponsorships, and digital advertising. This move by the oil and gas giant aims to establish a positive brand image among the youth, a demographic increasingly concerned about climate issues. 

While these efforts have sparked debates about ethical advertising, they also coincide with financial data indicating a positive trajectory for Shell. As of November 9, Shell’s ADR stands at $65.49, reflecting a notable upward trend in the past year. In this article, an expert from RockStoneTrust has explored Shell’s recent initiatives, their impact on the company’s image, and the broader implications of such marketing strategies.

Shell’s Targeted Marketing Strategies

Shell is strategically shifting its marketing focus towards younger audiences, employing influencers on platforms like Instagram and TikTok, and even integrating gaming experiences. By hiring a “head of digital amplification platforms” and partnering with TikTok, YouTube, Meta, and others, Shell aims to engage with the tech-savvy generation. This move responds to a 2021 UN study revealing that young people consider climate change an emergency. Despite criticism from climate campaigners, Shell defends these efforts as necessary for building positive associations and explaining its global initiatives in both traditional fuels and renewable technologies.

Performance Unbound Campaign and Social Media Influence

The “Performance Unbound” campaign by Shell involves influencers like Sage Erickson, a surfing champion with a substantial Instagram following. Erickson’s Shell-sponsored video, subtly aligning her values with Shell’s objectives, exemplifies the oil giant’s use of influencers to connect with younger demographics. The influencers, part of Shell’s strategy to appeal to a generation passionate about environmental issues, play a pivotal role in shaping positive brand associations. However, the influencers, including Erickson, maintain discretion, avoiding explicit mentions of Shell or its products in their content.

Gaming Initiatives and Online Racecourses

Shell’s foray into the gaming world includes creating custom racecourses in Fortnite and sponsoring influencers to showcase these virtual tracks on platforms like Twitch. The integration of Shell petrol stations within the game and the promotion of a Shell mobile driving game on Instagram ads align with Shell’s focus on fossil fuel products rather than renewable energy. The gaming initiatives, emphasising petrol and motor oil, strategically target younger audiences who are more active in the gaming and online streaming communities.

Digital Advertising Spending and Industry Comparison

Data from media spending analysts estimate that Shell will spend $270 million on global media in 2023, with digital media accounting for 58% of this budget. Comparative figures indicate that Shell outpaces other fossil fuel companies in digital advertising spending, with BP projected to spend $219 million and ExxonMobil $96 million. Shell’s investment in platforms like TikTok and Twitch is substantial, with Sensor Tower estimating a combined spending of $3.8 million and more than 348 million impressions.

Regulatory Challenges and Public Opinion

The advertising tactics of fossil fuel companies, including Shell, face increasing scrutiny from climate campaigners and regulatory bodies. Recent bans by the UK’s Advertising Standards Agency on ads from Shell, Repsol, and Petronas indicate a growing concern about insufficient context regarding sustainability claims. Public opinion, especially among the youth, is crucial, with surveys indicating that young people are more likely to view climate change as an emergency. Calls for stricter controls and even a blanket ban on advertising by polluting companies, though not legally imminent, underscore the evolving landscape surrounding fossil fuel marketing.

Market Performance: Beyond Marketing Ventures

Examining Shell’s market performance adds another layer to the narrative. As of November 9, Shell’s pre-market value stands at 65.49, reflecting a positive change of +1.05%. Over the past three months, the company has witnessed a 4.00% increase, with a six-month change of +6.25%. Year to date, Shell boasts a substantial change of +13.80%, and over the past year, the change is +20.29%. These figures illustrate a robust financial standing, indicating that Shell’s marketing strategies align with positive market sentiments.


In conclusion, Shell’s foray into unconventional marketing channels reflects a strategic effort to connect with a younger audience increasingly concerned about environmental issues. The Performance Unbound campaign, digital recruitment drives, and immersive gaming experiences showcase a company adapting to a changing landscape. 

While critics argue about the ethical implications of targeting a vulnerable demographic, Shell’s financial performance indicates a positive reception in the market. As Shell navigates this delicate balance between traditional energy and evolving consumer expectations, the future may see a shift in attitudes towards such marketing endeavours within the energy sector.

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