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Rho Nutrition Launches Its First Product: Liquid Vitamins Utilizing Liposomal Absorption

MIAMI, Florida–Rho Nutrition has begun its mission to improve the absorption rates of vitamins by offering products that are wrapped in liposomes. The company, co-founded in 2022 by Ryan Bishop and George Padilla, is the creator of liquid supplements that can be taken on their own or added to water, juice, or a smoothie as well as a Sleep Mist that is sprayed directly into the mouth.

“It has been an incredible journey to where we are today: the rollout of Rho Nutrition and its science-backed vitamins,” says Padilla. “Thanks to the dedication of our employees, we are excited to present health-and-wellness lovers with vitamins that are absorbed up to 10-15 times more than other supplements. It is all because of our use of liposomes, which are key to protecting vitamins against harsh stomach acids and improving their transport around the body.”

Bishop and Padilla explain that they founded Rho Nutrition after working for an ingredient supplier that focused on clinically backed ingredients in the supplement industry for many years and seeing firsthand how companies would rather source cheaper ineffective ingredients, prioritizing profits over people. Also, while the ingredients of available supplements were beneficial, their absorption rates remained low. Frustrated, they decided to create the products that they themselves would like to take.

“We focused on four main ingredients that could assist with immunity, healthy skin, antioxidants, heart health, and insomnia,” Bishop says. “The real issue, of course, was increasing absorption rates, so by wrapping each vitamin in liposomes, we created a bodyguard for it and made it possible for more of its potential health benefits to be received by the body. The science behind our supplements is shaking up an industry that has been selling the same generic ingredients in the same generic capsules and tablets for more than 30 years.”

While the initial launch of Rho Nutrition’s products has been online, Bishop and Padilla are in negotiations with independent pharmacies and vitamin clinics to offer their new vitamins around North America, including in Canada and in major U.S. cities. 

“As 2022 winds down and we prepare for 2023, we will remain focused on bringing our supplements to people who are committed to their health and value transparency,” says Padilla. “Rho Nutrition’s supplements are for individuals who are tired of Big Herba and who want the clarity to live without constraints.”

The supplements offered by Rho Nutrition were made by vitamin lovers for people who value health and wellness. The company uses liposomes to increase the absorption of its products, with the goals of helping individuals to feel more energized and to live fuller lives. For more information about Rho Nutrition or how liposomes aid in the absorption of supplements, please see the company’s website or contact:

Rho Nutrition