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Restaurant 101: The surge of health-conscious customers, and how can you take this challenge?

Restaurant foods are always bountiful in cuisine and flavors. It is a business where restaurateurs and chefs can experiment with different cooking styles to enhance and improve their meals and other menu items.

However, some popular foods in restaurants require extra fat, calories, and sodium. Consumers today are being wary of their food intake and always look out for the health benefits of their meals.

According to statistics, 67% of customers look for functional benefits from their foods and beverages. 51% of Millennials and 45% of Generation X consumers choose healthy food options while shopping for food and drink.

To easily categorize and update the healthy menu options on your online ordering page, you can use a QR code menu software and its beneficial features.

QR code menu: Caters to health-conscious consumers seamlessly

A QR code menu software is an end-to-end service provider that helps maximize your restaurant’s productivity. It also enhances the dining experience of your customers, especially those who are health conscious.

On the other hand, health-conscious consumers are meticulous in choosing their foods and beverages. 64% of consumers consider the health benefits of the food and drink they buy.

Luckily, the QR code menu software has a feature that allows you to generate a menu QR code for QR and online ordering. You can set up the interactive menu and online ordering page effortlessly, even if you need to be tech-savvy.

You can write down food descriptions, ingredient warnings, and other essential details of your menu items on the online ordering page. Aside from that, you can add images for each menu item so that customers can see what the food looks like when being served.

Health-conscious consumers can choose what to order in your restaurant efficiently. You can also categorize the menu items on your online ordering page and create a separate category for your healthy menu options.

The QR code menu software is your top-notch medium for health-conscious consumers today. Create an interactive QR code with healthy menu options and detailed food descriptions for a more comfortable dining experience for your customers.

Healthy Menu tips for your restaurant

1. Serve lean red and white meats

Even though some customers want a succulent steak or a cheeseburger buffet, your restaurant can use a healthy protein alternative as the main ingredient of their favorite dishes.

In your restaurant, leaner beef cuts ought to be the main protein ingredient. They are lower in fat and calories. Lean meat cuts are the best choice for consumers on a strict diet.

You might discuss a sirloin steak’s amino acids and other health advantages. You should serve your restaurant’s most discerning guests this cut of beef.

Additionally, you can incorporate chicken and fish into your diet in a healthy way by trimming off your skin and fats. These recipes can also be steamed or grilled without adding fats like butter or cream.

2. Use healthy alternatives as substitutes

Sometimes, healthier choices cost more money. Without spending significant prices or losing the flavors of your dishes, you can update these menu options by making little changes to your menu.

For instance, use unsaturated oils rather than polyunsaturated fats to fry fries, onion rings, and other fried foods. Additionally, coating your fry pans and woks to make the surface naturally non-stick will help you cut down on the quantity of fat in your meals.

Brown rice is a more wholesome substitute for white rice you can offer your customers.

These are just a few strategies to make your menu’s ingredients more healthful and nutritious.

3. Show the calorie count of your menu items

The calorie count of their favorite foods is routinely checked by those concerned about their health.

You can apply this tactic to your restaurant business as well. On your restaurant’s online ordering page, you can provide calorie information for your meals.

Customers that follow strict diets can keep track of their food and calorie intake if they put the calories in these meals on their menu.

The FDA has also ordered that most chain restaurants disclose nutritional data about their meal amounts to customers.

Following this FDA guideline helps you respect your customers’ healthy diets.

Final thoughts

Recent news reports indicate that most consumers seek a healthy, organic diet to support their way of life.

Digital menus with healthy selections tempt new and possibly even more beneficial types of customers to dine at your establishment.

You promote a healthier lifestyle while assisting farmers in producing sustainable food.