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Resell Gift Cards, Earn Crypto: A Win-Win Trading Strategy

Salcedo Village,MakatiPhilippines,1 Aug 2023. In the fast-paced digital age, new opportunities for earning and trading emerge daily. One such lucrative avenue that has caught the attention of smart investors and tech-savvy traders is the world of reselling gift cards for cryptocurrency. This blossoming trading strategy has found a perfect platform in Buysellvouchers, a marketplace founded in 2012 and registered in the Philippines.

Overview of Buysellvouchers

Buysellvouchers is a pioneering marketplace that has been catering to traders and buyers since 2012. Operating out of the Philippines, the platform offers an extensive range of categories, including gift cards, games, VoIP, prepaid vouchers, hosting services, mobile communications, restaurants, software, and more. Among its diverse selection, popular vouchers like iTunes and App Store, Amazon, Google Play, Skype, Free Fire, Razer Gold, Nintendo, Steam, PSN, Xbox, Roblox, PUBG, FIFA, GameStop, Blizzard, and Origin gift cards have garnered significant attention.

The platform’s dedication to keeping up with the ever-evolving market is evident through the regular addition of new categories and products. This adaptability ensures a vibrant and dynamic marketplace, appealing to both traders and sellers alike.

At the heart of Buysellvouchers’ allure lies a win-win trading strategy that revolves around reselling gift cards for cryptocurrency. Its simple yet effective approach has captured the interest of traders worldwide, making it an increasingly popular choice in the digital trading landscape.

Seamless Trading Experience on Buysellvouchers

Buysellvouchers keeps its marketplace fresh by continuously introducing new categories and collaborating with companies looking to feature their gift cards on the platform. This flexibility ensures that traders have access to a diverse selection of products to maximize their earning potential.

Sellers on Buysellvouchers enjoy a hassle-free experience with the platform offering two delivery methods: manual and automatic. This flexibility empowers sellers to manage their transactions efficiently, catering to their unique preferences.

Maintaining transparency is paramount for Buysellvouchers, which is reflected in its straightforward fee structure. Sellers pay a nominal 0.4% commission, while buyers are charged a mere 0.5%, making it an appealing choice for both parties involved in the trade.

Unlocking Value with Discounted Gift Cards

Buysellvouchers offers buyers a golden opportunity to score gift cards at discounted prices, with savings going as high as 35%. This feature entices buyers, driving more transactions on the platform.

Registering on Buysellvouchers is a breeze, requiring only a valid email address. This user-friendly approach ensures that traders and buyers can swiftly engage in trading without any unnecessary complications.

Buysellvouchers prioritizes security while maintaining user convenience. Sellers need to undergo verification to ensure the legitimacy of their offerings, while buyers can start trading instantly, streamlining the process.

Streamlined Selling Process and Security Features

Simple Product Listing: Add New Items in Minutes

Sellers on Buysellvouchers benefit from a streamlined selling process. They can effortlessly list new products for sale within minutes, allowing them to focus on maximizing their sales.

Robust Security Measures

Security is paramount for Buysellvouchers, and it shows in its implementation of robust measures such as two-factor authentication (2FA), IP login history, and IP filtration. These safeguards protect user accounts from unauthorized access.

Leveraging Additional Features: Buyer Blacklist, Private Messaging, Coupons

Buysellvouchers goes the extra mile to empower sellers with additional features, including the ability to choose buyers and create a blacklist for undesirable individuals. Private messaging fosters seamless communication between traders, while coupons entice customers and drive sales.

Upcoming Advancements in Buysellvouchers

Introducing the Buysellvouchers Store

Exciting times await traders on Buysellvouchers as the platform plans to unveil its very own store: the Buysellvouchers Store. This upcoming feature will allow buyers to directly purchase gift cards from Buysellvouchers, ensuring the authenticity of genuine cards obtained directly from official distributors via API.

Expanding Payment Methods

Buysellvouchers seeks to expand its global reach by incorporating additional payment methods, including bank cards. This enhancement will facilitate seamless transactions, particularly in regions like Indonesia and the Philippines.

Flexible Payment Options: Cryptocurrencies and More

Accepting Popular Cryptocurrencies

Buysellvouchers caters to the cryptocurrency community by accepting popular digital currencies. This flexibility enables traders to transact using their preferred cryptocurrencies. The platform ensures accessibility by supporting a wide range of payment methods, including Tether TRC20, Tether ERC20, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, DAI (BEP20), USD Coin (TRC20), and USD Coin (ERC20).

Enhancing Global Reach: Perfect Money, Webmoney, and Beyond

To cater to a broader global audience, Buysellvouchers supports also e-money like Perfect Money (PM) and Webmoney (WMZ), facilitating transactions for users worldwide.

Multilingual User Experience

Buysellvouchers prioritizes inclusivity by offering its website in seven languages, including English, Russian, German, Spanish, Chinese, French, and Arabic. This multilingual approach ensures that users from different linguistic backgrounds can navigate the platform effortlessly. By supporting various languages, Buysellvouchers empowers international users, encouraging greater participation and engagement from different parts of the world.

Seamless Communication and Support

To provide exceptional user support, Buysellvouchers offers a seamless communication system. Users can utilize the “Online chat” feature or submit tickets for prompt and responsive assistance.

Weekly Gift Card Giveaways: An Extra Incentive

Buysellvouchers rewards its users with thrilling weekly gift card giveaways. The upcoming 29th Gift Card Giveaway promises excitement and value for participants. In these contests, users have the chance to win 10 gift cards for popular brands, offering valuable rewards that further foster community engagement. Buysellvouchers’ commitment to community engagement and user appreciation is evident through its generous gift card giveaways. These initiatives strengthen the bond between the platform and its users.


Buysellvouchers has crafted a win-win trading strategy, offering traders the opportunity to resell gift cards for cryptocurrency. This strategy combines the allure of gift card reselling with the potential of earning valuable cryptocurrencies.

The user-friendly approach, innovative features, and upcoming advancements on Buysellvouchers empower traders to maximize their profit potential, making it an appealing choice in the crypto-trading landscape.

As Buysellvouchers continues to evolve and expand, it encourages traders to embark on a rewarding trading journey. By seizing the opportunity to resell gift cards and earn crypto, traders can navigate a path of potential prosperity on Buysellvouchers’ vibrant marketplace.

[Disclaimer: The article presented above is intended for educational purposes only and should not be considered as financial advice. The information provided in the article is based on the facts and details available at the time of writing. However, the cryptocurrency and trading landscape is highly dynamic and subject to rapid changes. Therefore, readers are advised to conduct their own research and exercise due diligence before engaging in any financial activities, including trading gift cards or cryptocurrencies on platforms like Buysellvouchers.]

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