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Reducing HAIs like Staph & MRSA from Hospitals with Vitastem Ultra

Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) and Staphylococcus infection are two of the leading causes of hospital-acquired infections (HAIs). These bacteria, resistant to many commonly used antibiotics, make treatment very difficult; HAIs can lead to extended hospital stays, increased healthcare expenses, sepsis, or even death. But there is a solution that can help eliminate MRSA (flesh-eating bacteria) and Staph infections from hospitals – and it’s called Vitastem Ultra.

The HAI Problem Affecting Healthcare Facilities

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) estimates that hospital acquired infections (HAIs) account for some 1.7 million infections and 99,000 associated deaths each year – in American hospitals alone. And, at any given time, approximately 1 in every 31 patients hospitalized in the United States has an HAI. This is a very serious concern for patients and healthcare in general. HAIs can often lead to sepsis and/or death if not properly treated.

Vitastem Ultra Overview

Finding effective and innovative wound care treatments has never been more important – particularly with the rise in drug-resistant bacteria like staph & MRSA that plague hospitals & nursing homes. Enter Vitastem Ultra: one of the world’s strongest topical antibiotics and a highly innovative wound treatment. It has been routinely optimized and enhanced over the past decade while continually proven to be incredibly effective at treating some of the most severe skin infections while demonstrating remarkable success in healing surgical & diabetic wounds, preventing amputations, along with drastically improving the health and standard of living of those recovering from infection.

The Key Differentiators

Vitastem Ultra stands out among other wound care medications due to it being the only antibiotic in the world that kills with both a physical and chemical mechanism, giving it a very unique ability to overcome drug resistant bacteria like staph & MRSA.

Vitastem has been proven to kill all known bacteria it has ever been tested against over the past decade or so – including MRSA (flesh-eating bacteria) and Staph Infection. This makes it a serious solution to consider using when the need for combating drug-resistant bacteria like staph & MRSA that seem to persist in healthcare facilities everywhere.

In addition to the qualities outlined above, Vitastem possesses a very unique ability to heal and regenerate skin tissue unlike any other medication currently available on the market. Being that Vitastem Ultra is a topical antibiotic, it does not have the same ill-effects on the internal organs of the body as oral antibiotics commonly do. For example, unlike oral antibiotics, Vitastem will not harm a patient’s kidneys or the good bacteria in their stomach. Furthermore, it seems to only use FDA-approved ingredients and is a Class 1 medical product, meaning it’s in the safest category for medical products available for over-the-counter use.

To date, Vitastem has helped save countless patients from amputations, while drastically shortening their hospital stays and increasing their life expectancies far more effectively than other brand name antibiotics on the market.

Rapid Action & Results

Vitastem Ultra’s proprietary formulas and unique combination of ingredients are engineered to transport medicine at 10x greater strength and the depth when compared to several other big name products today, enabling the needed medication to reach the affected areas of infection quickly and to overwhelm the bacteria before it can adapt or develop any resistance. On average, doctors and their patients have reported seeing stellar results within just 24 hours of using Vitastem Ultra – instead of 5-7 days (if ever) with other name brand products.

Vitastem Ultra not only treats the condition but also infuses skin cells damaged by infection with vitamins D3 and C to rejuvenate them and promote tissue growth. But that’s just part of it; Vitastem’s unique formulation is only one part of what makes this delivery system unbeatable; with advanced chemistry at its heart, you know you’ve found the world’s strongest topical delivery system.

Made in the USA

Vitastem Ultra is manufactured in the US at an FDA-registered facility with uncompromising pharmaceutical standards and quality. Currently, about 80% of antibiotics around the world are manufactured in China and healthcare professionals have grown increasingly concerned about systemic supply chain issues and the rise of drug-resistant bacteria such as staph & MRSA. Vitastem Ultra quickly offers a secure and effective solution at not just treating but helping to prevent infections like these in hospitals & nursing homes too.

Considering Vitastem Ultra for Hospital Use

Vitastem Ultra has been clinically proven to treat serious pre to post op surgical wounds, diabetic ulcers, many infectious skin diseases, to antibiotic-resistant bacteria like staph infection & MRSA (flesh-eating bacteria) 10x more effectively than most all other brand name competitors it has been tested against.

Vitastem Ultra offers a faster and more effective wound care solution than other products on the market today. Its topical antibiotic properties make it safer than prescription or oral OTC treatments too. With Vitastem Ultra, patients can heal their wounds naturally, prevent infection, regain mobility, and improve their quality of life faster than ever before.