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RediClinic Unveils The Phenomenon of Overeating: What it is and which are the reasons for it?

Idaho, USA, October 5, 2023 – 

What is the overeating phenomenon?

Medically speaking, the term overeating signifies the unusually large and excessive food consumption, due either to increased appetite, or to big (due to lack of food). 

Overeating, in our modern and advanced society, has been associated, to a great degree, with serious diseases such as obesity, diabetes mellitus, bulimia, cardiovascular diseases and hypertension. A number of scientists identify a relation between overeating and cancer (certain forms of it)!  

Malnutrition in a society of abundance?  

And yet it is true! Malnutrition is not only a sign of third world society, but of a very advanced society as well. Unfortunately in our advanced world, there is an excess of food…..but an excess of “non nutritional” food! 

The gradual turn of the human being to the processed food, with no beneficial ingredients and vitamins, not providing nothing else to our organism but void calories, has led to a constant growth of obesity not only among the adults but among the youngsters as well!

Stress is the reason for overeating……

Stress is the most significant reason for growing diseases such as bulimia, overeating, anorexia, depression and various neurological disorders. 

The persons, due to their daily pressing of the work programme and the endless stress, tend to present a turbulent behaviour and symptoms as:

  • concern
  • insomnia
  • irritability
  • difficulty in concentration
  • overeating
  • sexual dysfunction
  • apathy
  • nutritional disorders

What is the obsessive overeating and hoe influences our life?

The obsessive overeating is among a number of diseases characterised as “nutritional disorders” and they are dealing with a problematic consumption of food in the context of psychological charge. 

Usually, the persons with obsessive overeating present crises (episodes of uncontrollable food consumption), aiming at relieving an intense feeling (as sadness, pain, stress, loneliness and many other).  

These persons present an increased body weight (quite larger of the normal) and gradually are led to obesity. 

How I recognize a person suffering from obsessive overeating?

The most usual symptoms of a person with obsessive overeating are the following:

Νο.1: Thinks of the food continuously. 

Νο.2: Eats even it does not feel any hunger. 

Νο.3: Tries to eat in hiding because he feels a shame. 

Νο.4: Feels guilt, shame, sadness or disgust after its meal. 

Νο.5: During the meal is out of control consuming unreasonable amounts of food.

How could I fight overeating? 

1st way: Drink water before the meal!

Many individuals tend to confuse the feeling of thirst with the feeling of hunger. So before you decide to start emptying your fridge, drink a large glass of water or a cup of green tea. Allow about 30 minutes and you will see that the hunger feeling has gone away…

2nd way: I do not eat in front of a screen!

When I sit to have a meal I take care so both the computer and television are switched off. As it is shown by many scientific studies the screen causes an overeating to most of the people. I arrange to listen to some beautiful music on the radio and I enjoy my meal without any stress and with not things distracting my attention from my meal!

3rd way: I have a good breakfast!

Good breakfast tends to minimize the development of bulimic crises during the day! Gives the organism the necessary amount of energy and the clear spirit required!

4th way: Eat in small dishes!

I do not choose large dishes, but small ones which help me to control the amount of food consumed!

Preferably the white dishes are ideal because food is easily distinct in them!

5th way: Try one of the top appetite suppressant supplement – LivPure


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