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Reasons to switch to chilled packaging when transporting perishable products

Cold chain packaging is a method of packaging and shipping goods that keeps a constant temperature from the manufacturing site to the destination point. Although cold chain packaging may be a complex endeavor used mainly for highly temperature-sensitive products, the truth is that for many types of products, the benefits outweigh the costs.

Choosing the right chilled packaging partner can make temperature-controlled delivery less stressful. Here are three reasons why you should use cold chain packaging.

1. Protects the product and reduces loss

It comes as no surprise that temperature-sensitive products are far more vulnerable to transportation losses. In the case of medications, even little temperature changes might diminish efficacy or make the substance completely dangerous and unusable. Other perishables, such as cosmetics, may just require a specific temperature range to remain fresh throughout shipment. Different levels of cold chain insulation are available to meet the needs of each product type, allowing manufacturers to set their shipping containers to the level of protection required. Lower product losses can rapidly compensate for the cost of cold chain thermal packaging while also boosting user satisfaction.

2. Consumers will request it

People in the digital age have a wide range of information and options. Most people understand where their products come from, how they are stored and distributed, and what kind of quality they may expect. The expectation of a high-quality product supplied fast and at a reasonable price is higher than ever. Cold chain insulated packaging provides consumers with the assurance that the product they get is fresh and that the firm cares about what they sell. It provides you with a competitive advantage and promotes transparency in product sourcing.

3. The standards of product shipping are changing

There has been a stronger focus on developing and increasing standards for cold chain shipment of perishable goods around the world. Medical products are being scrutinized. Manufacturers will be obliged to rethink their shipping processes as the world embraces new standards, and they may face penalties for noncompliance. Working with a reputable and competent package manufacturer and establishing the necessary procedures to transport your products using chilled packaging will save you time and money as requirements change every year. Experienced cold chain packaging companies can help you identify suitable packaging options, and they are constantly developing new solutions to keep you in compliance with changing regulations across the globe.

When it comes to product packaging, cost, compliance, and efficiency are all critical factors to consider. Different items may require varying degrees of cold protection, confounding packaging selection even more. The good news is that technological advances in manufacturing and product development have made cold chain packaging simpler and less costly than ever before.

In response to growing demand, reputable companies such as DFDS have created chilled packaging solutions such as thermal mailers, thermal box liners, and thermal roll stock to help items reach their destinations safely. DFDS has packaging experts who can assist you in selecting the best container solution to meet any temperature-controlled shipping requirement.