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Quizplus LLC Launches My Courses to Simplify Online Learning

April 04, 2023, Dubai, UAE, Quizplus, an EdTech startup providing college students worldwide with high-quality online study tools in over 30 fields of study, including quizzes, flashcards, practice tests, textbook solutions and more. Online learning has become increasingly popular due to the convenience it offers. Students can learn at their own pace, access a variety of study materials, and avoid the constraints of traditional classroom settings. However, one challenge that students face is the organization of their course materials and resources. Quizplus, an online learning platform, has recently launched a new feature – My Courses – to provide students with the organization and structure they need in one convenient interface.

Introduction to My Courses

With the My Courses feature, students can personalize their study material by adding the courses they are currently enrolled in to the My Courses tab. This level of customization ensures access to tailored content for specific academic needs. The feature provides a centralized hub of information, making the process of locating resources as seamless as possible.

According to Abdulhafeth Salah, one of the founders of Quizplus, “We are excited to introduce the My Courses feature to our platform. It offers an all-in-one resource to students, simplifying the process of studying and enhancing the overall learning experience.”

Course Recommendations Based on Benchmark Requirements

In addition to adding currently enrolled courses, students can also view course recommendations based on benchmark requirements. The Quizplus algorithm analyzes the courses that have been added or studied and suggests study sets that complement the student’s studies to streamline the learning process.

According to Lana Shareef, a product manager at Quizplus, “My Courses optimizes each user’s learning style, from chronological study sets with quizzes for each chapter to flashcards to step-by-step solutions verified by experts. These resources will help students consolidate their knowledge, stimulate their visual memory, and approach test day with confidence.”

Personalized Practice Exams with My Courses

With the new feature, students can also build personalized practice exams that contain questions from multiple units to confidently prepare for test day. The course progress tracker keeps a record of completed practice exams to review scores and correct answers to questions.

“My Courses allows students to stay on top of their agenda, as everything they need is available in one central location. Whether they prefer to study using textbooks or flashcards, My Courses have them covered,” said Shareef. “With all of their course materials, students can concentrate on their studies instead of wasting time searching for resources.”

Accessing My Courses Across Connected Devices

The My Courses feature is available on desktop, tablet, and mobile devices, allowing students to take their coursework with them wherever they go. By syncing across connected devices, students can track their progress in real-time and seamlessly alternate their experience between devices.

The feature enhancement, Materials, is coming soon, which will provide students with a location to upload and share their course lecture notes, presentations, and relevant course material with their classmates. This feature will enable students to collaborate and share their knowledge with their peers, which is crucial in the learning process.

Streamline Learning Process with My Courses

In conclusion, Quizplus has introduced the My Courses feature to simplify the online learning experience for students. The feature provides a centralized hub of information, personalized study material, and course recommendations based on benchmark requirements.

With the new feature, students can build personalized practice exams, track their progress, and access their course material across connected devices. The Materials feature coming soon will provide students with a location to upload and view relevant course material. With My Courses, students can streamline their learning process, approach test day with confidence, and make the most of their academic journey.

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