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Quick Tips for First-Time Train Travelers in Canada

Crossing Canada with Via rails is a true one-of-a-kind experience, from the casual, welcoming atmosphere aboard to the gorgeous environment beyond your window. Nothing compares to riding a train over Canada’s vast, uninhabited territory. And these pointers can assist make the trip even better whether that’s your first time traveling Via Rail Canada or if you’re a seasoned veteran!

Take a Room

In eight Canadian provinces over 7,800 miles of track, 494 trains are operated each week by Via Rail packages, the country’s main rail system. Whether you take the Canadian — a vintage transcontinental train operated by Via Rail trips, through Toronto to Edmonton, Winnipeg, Jasper, as well as Vancouver — or the connecting trains between Montréal, Toronto, and Québec, or even the Ocean train between Montréal and Halifax, visitors can expect to enjoy delicious, freshly prepared meals, plush, relaxing amenities as well as breathtaking views everywhere you go. On a Canadian train vacations, the Canadian is a famous route that is part of many Via rail tours, traveling 2,775 miles through five provinces and four time zones in a fantastic five days and four nights from Toronto.

The Canadian train also has a Skyline vehicle with a glass-ceilinged observation canopy as well as an elegant Park vehicle for Prestige passengers, which has a vista dome as well as an observation sitting room at the back of the train. These additions to the main dining room as well as the numerous sleeping cars round out the train’s amenities. The dining cars on board the Canadian serve delectable locally inspired cuisine and beverage pairings to fit just about every pallet. VIA Rail is renowned for its fresh, cooked meals.

Smart Packing

For lengthy train travel, it’s usually a good idea to pack lightly since you do not want your baggage to take up the majority of your valuable hotel space. And getting on and out of the train with much bulky luggage is not enjoyable. For those traveling and over 24 hours just on the train, there are several necessities you should not be without. Many multi-day train passengers get by with only one bring or one personal item, such as a backpack and tote bag. When taking the Canadian throughout Canada, remember to bring some non-electronic stuff to read and games as you won’t find Wi-Fi connectivity.

Experience Everything

Why not turn your train trip across Canada into a full-fledged bucket-list vacation, replete with hotels included in major stops, unique activities, excursions, and sometimes even meals included? Numerous all-inclusive Via Rail vacations are available making it simple. Think about taking one of the below trips for a once-in-a-lifetime adventure, or assist you in planning your own:

Travel across beautiful Canada by train on an amazing adventure! Your trip starts in Vancouver, popularly known as the “Hollywood of a North,” a bustling and varied city. Explore the city over two days before taking a gorgeous overnight train journey east toward the Canadian Rockies as well as the amazing mountain villages of Jasper & Banff for a genuine Canadian alpine adventure! The journey through Via rail Vancouver to Banff will surely spellbound you. Continue east just on the train for a memorable ride through the Canadian Rockies as well as the stunning plains to Toronto, the biggest city in Canada.

With trains, the trip is just as important a component of the experience as any, in contrast to other means of transportation that aim to get passengers from Point B to Point A as soon as possible. In today’s world, it is becoming more and harder to pace down and enjoy the present moment yet spending time on the train pushes you to do just that.