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QR code menu: An all-in-one tool for restaurants

A menu QR code doesn’t simply list the dish selections; it’s a versatile technology that can be an all-in-one solution for restaurants.

The rise in popularity of QR codes has borne more advanced and specialized features for the food and restaurant industry, such as remote ordering, contactless payments, advertising, launching campaigns, and more.

With this booming trend, QR code menu generators have evolved to become an all-in-one software restaurants can use across their operations.

So, what features does a QR code menu generator enable for restaurateurs?

1.  Address the trend for digital platforms

From automation in farming systems for a good harvest to online tools in events management for easier attendance tracking, almost all industries have shifted toward going digital. The restaurant industry is no exception to the digitalization trend.

QR codes are at the forefront of modernization and advancement of the restaurant industry in the digital space. They open opportunities for restaurants to go digital, thanks to wide-range integrations and implementations.

With a QR code menu, restaurants can increase productivity and streamline processes while boosting their online presence. Hitting two birds with one stone, a QR code menu addresses the trend and increasing need for digital platforms.

2.  Solve the labor shortage crisis

A combination of government policies, economic challenges, and the global pandemic, among several factors, has resulted in a labor shortage, especially in the restaurant service industry. In the U.S. alone, the figure totals 6.5 million unemployed workers as of 2022.

More than ever, restaurants must be innovative to operate at full capacity, even with fewer employees. As a QR code menu can take orders, sort out items, automatically launch discounts, and process payments, restaurants can maintain their productivity amid the shortage.

With most of the customer-service-related tasks addressed by the QR code menu, more restaurant workers can help in the kitchens, where most operations are centered. Restaurants can keep one staff or two to attend to complex customer needs whenever needed.

3.  Reduce food waste across all operations

A staggering 30-40% of the U.S. food supply is wasted daily for various reasons like food expiry, leftovers in households and commercial establishments, company policy, and more. Unsurprisingly, the restaurant industry is one of the main culprits for food wastage.

Every food thrown out at the end of the day isn’t only down the drain but also a lost opportunity to feed millions of people in need. To prevent these circumstances, restaurants can use a QR code menu to sort out orders for more efficient operations.

For example, customers from separate tables order the same dish at different times. Instead of organizing the orders on a first-come-first-served basis, the kitchen can make the dish in one batch, saving ingredients, energy, and labor.

4.  Build relationships with customers

Food is necessary, so it’s not a big surprise that plenty of businesses offer food products and services. As a restaurant business owner, what this means to you is intense competition! Stay above the competition with a QR code menu.

One of a QR code menu’s niftiest yet most underrated features is data summary and generation. While most restaurants only use them to track their sales performance, the data also tells a lot about what customers think about your brand and products.

Through the data, restaurants can determine their bestsellers and items that need a further boost through discounts and vouchers. Restaurants can also interpret the data to create more effective email promotions and targeted customer campaigns.

Switch to a QR code menu now!

If you’re yet to implement a QR code menu in your restaurant, hop on the trend now!

While a QR code menu has seen unprecedented use amid the COVID-19 outbreak, it’s here to stay for good and likely for a long time.

Create a digital interactive menu with a QR code menu generator now.