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Public Companies and Web3 Whales take Interest in brand new NFT Collection Guilty Bunnies

Big brands and web2 companies are rushing into web3 — specifically NFTs — in hopes to monetize new markets and create new profits from the technological revolution of blockchains. The most iconic brands are dipping their dollars and marketing budgets into NFTs, ranging from Louis Vuitton to Tiffany’s. But there is a problem. Not all companies have found a way to integrate NFTs into their business model that makes sense. Or, some companies might not even want to launch their own NFT. This presents a huge opportunity for web3 companies who are in the industry to establish themselves as market leaders while web2 brands are slower to adopt the new technology. 

This situation has created a new market for public companies wanting exposure to NFTs who do not have the capacity or desire to integrate the blockchain into their business model. These companies are now backing NFT projects to diversify their portfolios and expand their market share. Guilty Bunnies NFT is the latest NFT project to partner with public companies with strong financial backing.

Guilty Bunnies has been catching the attention of large investors and the NFT community while trending throughout Twitter and eCommerce groups. The viral attention Guilty Bunnies is receiving has brought numerous investors into the project whose networks create the perfect storm for Guilty Bunnies. These NFTs are a membership pass to become part of the Guilty Bunnies community and the value in the community is more than social status. The value in the Guilty Bunnies community is the out of this world experience they are providing and the people inside of the project. The people in the Guilty Bunnies community include super car owners, super models, and business owners who are coming together to reinvent the definition of a designer brand.

For those unfamiliar, Guilty Bunnies NFT is a web3 entertainment project where “your wildest dreams come true”. The project is focused on redefining how NFTs are perceived and launched, every aspect of the Guilty Bunnies project is unorthodox. Their message to the community is to be daring and in this process they have blurred the line between what’s acceptable and unacceptable. The theme of living on the edge is resonating with investors and collectors alike, contributing to Guilty Bunnies rapid rise in the NFT space. 

Unlike most NFTs that sell you a picture and the empty promise of financial “gains”, Guilty Bunnies is providing real life connections and entertainment from day one. The idea that NFTs are only valuable for flipping or turning holders into millionaires will soon shift into NFTs as consumer products providing life changing experiences. Luxury clothing provides status, VIP concert tickets provide memories and all of these elements of traditional business are merging into the NFT space. The web2 businesses taking interest in NFT projects see them not as a traditional investment, but as investing into a community and a direct to consumer brand. 

Guilty Bunnies NFT is creating once in a lifetime memories and world class entertainment combined and backed by NFTs. More than that, the public mystery behind the project has led to a lot of questions. Their merch designs are way ahead of the current NFT project “merch” drops, and the Bunnies are not using merchandise as a claim of “utility”. This lifestyle brand and next level NFT is turning heads, maybe because of their radical artwork, but we also think because their business model is something new and fresh in the NFT space. To learn more about Guilty Bunnies and to get involved yourself, visit https://guiltybunnies.com/