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Providing Real-Time Video Surveillance: How It Works and Who Needs It Most

The whole idea of video monitoring is not new. Video cameras are surrounding us in our everyday lives. They are placed on roads and highways, malls and office buildings. But do you know about the new generation of video monitoring systems that work without operators and need minimal human effort to get data and analyze it? Let’s talk a little about real time video monitoring and its benefits and bright sides as well.

The Need for Real-Time Video Monitoring in Businesses

First of all, who needs real-time video monitoring? For businesses, it is a crucial tool that helps to provide safety, security, and working order as well. Just imagine the situation, when a robber enters the bank office and commands to put all the money in his bag. Sometimes, security cannot cope with the task. And the standard video monitoring service can distract and miss the dramatic moment. When you have real-time video monitoring in your toolset, the problem may even don’t arise. There are several common cases when that technology will be more than effective!

  • In banks, financial institutions, malls and trading centers 24/7 real-time monitoring helps to prevent crimes and alerts.
  • In offices and plants, it provides transparent monitoring of the workflow and helps an owner to clarify the efficiency of each employee.
  • On roads and streets, that system may come in handy to detect car accidents or traffic intensity.
  • In schools, pre-schools and childcare centers, this monitoring system is intended to prevent various alerts that can occur for children.

Of course, it is just a small scope of use that real-time video monitoring suits.

How a New-Gen Real-Time Video Monitoring Work

The main difference between the new generation of video monitoring is the use of innovative technologies, primarily machine learning. Such systems are often referred to as Video Content Analytics (VCA). Their main functions are:

  • Real-time video surveillance using high-definition cameras.
  • Video recording by streaming method and storage on servers or in cloud storage.
  • Analysis of the received data using embedded algorithms and automatic recognition of dangerous situations.
  • Instant notification of dangerous situations.
  • Self-learning and improvement of hazard recognition algorithms.

At the same time, Video Content Analytics shows efficiency both in recognizing unidentified objects, for example, unknown cases, bags, or packages and in recognizing faces. And to control traffic or room occupancy, this system applies an object counting algorithm to avoid overcrowding or traffic jams.

Some Tips for Choosing the Best Video Monitoring Company

If you want to get real-time video monitoring services from a reliable provider, we suggest you consider a few tips that will help you make the right choice.

  • Pay attention to the provider’s rating and customer reviews about its level of customer service. This is a fairly reliable indicator that helps to find a truly professional company involved in VKA.
  • The ability to build technical architecture and scale services is equally important. If a company readily accepts such challenges, that’s good.
  • Pricing and customer support are also important. Of course, the introduction of innovations does not cost a couple of cents, but an overpriced price is not at all a guarantee of high-quality services.

Real-time video monitoring is a new-gen technology that can protect you from many dangers, and at the same time does not allow the influence of the human factor. For many industries and facilities, it can be a worthy alternative to classic video surveillance and security services.