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Pros and Cons of Samsung Galaxy A32

Samsung mobile has returned with another expensive mobile phone offering. Given that we can now get 120hz AMOLEDs at this price, even the 90hz AMOLED doesn’t make the Galaxy A32 a great smartphone. Let’s discuss the pros and cons of the Samsung A32:

Galaxy A32 Pros

If you’re considering purchasing a Samsung A32, consider the following benefits first:

·  Design

However, the A32’s frame is constructed of metal or something very similar to metal. But the Camera arrangement makes this a stylish smartphone, not just the variety of colors available. Samsung mobile  introduces a novel and different feature.

Rather than being clustered on a protrusion, the camera lenses protrude in a more organic fashion, lending the device a modern aesthetic. The gadget also has a pleasant feel in hand. The phone’s dimensions are just right. Impressively, despite packing a 5000mAh battery, it weighs only 184 grams. The phone looks beautiful and feels great in hand; however, it is not very durable.

·  90hz Samsung AMOLED

Samsung is known for including high-quality AMOLED displays in all of their smartphones, regardless of price point, whether the device is running at 60 Hz or 90 Hz.

OneUI is also developed with AMOLED’s vibrant and contrasting colors, making the entire OLED experience on a Samsung smartphone top-notch. Unlike Xiaomi phones, which have trouble even with 5G CPUs, OneUI is highly designed for a 90hz refresh rate.

·  OneUI

OneUI, which has entirely replaced OxygenOS as the most outstanding custom UI, is another primary reason to consider purchasing a Samsung smartphone today. The features and customization options available in OneUI are endless. Thanks to innovations like Goodluck, Samsung Pay, Samsung Knox, and the camera, it’s a fantastic device. Android 11 is already preinstalled on the Galaxy A32. Furthermore, Samsung has enhanced its stance on providing Software upgrades, which will provide continued Software support for years into the future.

·  Cameras

The Samsung A32 shares the superior camera quality of other Samsung devices. The primary 64-megapixel camera excels in bright light but falters in dim settings. The video section is also a negative point. Despite having MediaTek G80, it can only record videos at a maximum of 1080p @30FPS, not even 60FPS in full HD.

Samsung’s image processing is excellent, resulting in sharp, detailed, and amazingly dynamic images. One area where A32 shines is photography.

Galaxy A32 Cons

If you’re considering purchasing a Samsung A32, consider the following disadvantages first:

·  Weak Processor

Suppose you compare the Galaxy A32 to the smartphones from other companies. In that case, you’ll find that the MediaTek G80 (equivalent to the Snapdragon 710) in the Galaxy A32 is superior, even to the aging Exynos Chipsets used in those phones.

The chipset in the A32 is essentially the smartphone’s nervous system, and it’s not particularly strong. You will notice the poor performance of this CPU, even in routine tasks. You shouldn’t even consider getting this phone if you’re a heavy user or a gamer.

·  Videography

No 4k or FHD+ at 60 frames per second is currently available. Samsung didn’t even include OIS with their cameras. The insufficient capabilities of MediaTek G80 are to blame once more. Still, whether or not Samsung enables 2k@30FPS video encoding is out of anyone’s hands.

·  Extremely Expensive

You must be aware that there will be extra charges because Samsung is such a well-known brand. For instance, Samsung produces the vast majority of its smartphones in China, but the high price of software development, high R&D costs, extensive after-sales network, etc., do not justify the purchase of a G80. The A32 price in Pakistan is high and poorly performing smartphone.

·  Slow Charging

At Rs 50,000, 15W is no longer quick; the A32 lacks dual speakers and is not water resistant. The Samsung name and screen come at a steep price for this product.