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Property buying costs in Spain: taxes and fees in 2022

Buying property in a different country can be both fun and exciting for those unfamiliar with the region, especially for those who are living abroad. The process can vary depending on the specific country in which you’re located and can vary in many ways from where you are fromIn addition to the price of the property, remember to take into account other costs, such as property taxes in Spain and additional mortgage fees, for example. If you are interested in buying a house in Spain, consider the taxes and fees for 2022.

An individual purchasing real estate in Spain has to take into account the added cost associated with mortgages, in addition to any other expenses that may be involved. Doing the necessary calculations will help avoid any surprises.

Banks in Spain usually finance 80% of the property’s sale price (if the property is to be used as your primary residence), meaning that you will need to have for some time saved up 20% of the sale price to pay a fee. However, this is only the beginning of a number of other expenses to be paid and made to officially acquire your property in Spain. Between the legal expenses, notary, registry, and the associated property taxes, experts recommend a budget of between 10% and 12% hundred dollars for purchasing a home, depending on the purchase price. These are in addition to the 20 percent deposit that you must have for a mortgage loan. Note that if you do not require a home mortgage, you will have to pay these fees even if you lower your down payment. Given the average costs of a home in 2022, these are called mandatory expenses that focus on the purchase or initial investment of a residential property. The best guess for the property is the purchase or investment description and the size.

Taxes :

The buyer of a new house must have some extra cash to set aside for Spanish taxes, even though the amount will depend on the price and whether it is new or secondhand you want to buy a brand-new home in Spain, additional taxes will be charged. New-built houses are taxed under the VAT (IVA in Spanish).In 2022, VAT for real estate will account for 10% of the home’s price. Thus, you would need to obtain an additional 10,000 euros in the case of a 100,000-euro home and 25,000 euros in the case of a 250,000-euro home. It should be noted that the Canary Island Property Purchase Tax from this government is only six and a half (this number is known as the IGIC–Indirect General Canary Island Tax).In the case of public housing, VAT may vary anywhere from 4%. It depends on the location of the public housing and the Autonomous Community. It requires a second tax to be added to VAT in the case of buying a new house in Spain the Documented Legal Acts (IAJD) tax (sometimes mistakenly called an AJD tax). The tax is paid by the buyer, and the amount of each autonomous community depends on it.

Note that these taxes do not apply to previously owned homes, just new builds


An adviser

The only additional expense of buying a home is the expenditure of hiring a real estate agent to administer tax settlements and other functions. Employing an advisor like this can be helpful to house owners who are foreign and don’t speak Spanish.They are not mandated by law, but are only used when a mortgage is opened in order to purchase a property that is priced around 300 euros.


Additional mortgage costs in Spain

All of the different fees and charges listed above can be applied if you would like to take out a mortgage, or otherwise. If you plan to purchase real estate in Spain by taking out a mortgage loan, remember that there may be other additional costs that you weren’t expecting. Remember that mortgage costs and other expenses may be different if you’re not a Spanish citizen.

The valuation of the property

If the buyer decides to submit an application for a mortgage, then he will have to pay an appraiser for the derivation of this house’s value. This is usually an agreement with the bank, after which an appraiser is utilized for the generation of this home appraisal, and the bank will then know how much financing it can provide.Banks in Spain typically lend an amount corresponding to 80 percent of the cost or appraisal value, although some of them are attempting to cover 90 to 100 percent, on average settling on the lowest price. In 2022, the valuation will cost you between 250 and 600 euros depending on the company performing the procedure, the type of property and its appraisal. Some, by way of instance, might contract with a seller to appraise a takeoff, and use an appraisal plus a pre-set dollar figure to make it possible for you to warrant the building. Not all banks cover these fees. When the valuation is complete, the fee is authorized for 6 months.

Opening fee

Some banks may charge you a fee to either open a current account or take out a mortgage, and this fee can be up to 2% of the capital you borrowed, as agreed between you and the bank. However, in Spain today, it is not uncommon for banks to no longer charge these fees. Please note that in order to take out certain mortgages, you may be required to take out a home or life insurance, too. So, with that stated, it is time to start searching for your dream home in Spain. And do not forget here at idealista, our mortgage experts at idealista hipotecas are also available to aid you in finding the ideal mortgage.

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