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Profit Singularity Ultra Edition Review – I am SPEECHLESS! MUST READ

While affiliate marketing programs come a dime a dozen nowadays, ones that are truly able to stand out and provide genuine assistance tend to be rare. Many people feel like there just aren’t that many courses that provide information which isn’t already just available publicly for free.

And those that do don’t seem to be catered towards beginners, making them very difficult to learn from. Profit Singularity Ultra Edition seems to be changing this. It is a new affiliate marketing training that seems to focus on providing users with the ability to generate a passive income right from home. This review of the online course will go over its main features, modules and pricing and if it is really worth the hype?

Profit Singularity Ultra Edition

Generating a passive and reliable source of income through the internet is no small feat. While it might’ve been easier at one point, with so many people out there trying to do the same thing, there’s just too much competition nowadays.

For this reason, the same methodologies that were used at one point cannot be expected to provide the same results. Instead, users will need the aid of a solution that truly manages to provide something new.

Online courses are proving to be a useful tool in this case. They help give users a way to overcome their major issues with online marketing and do so without being too difficult to understand. This is specially the case when the course has been designed by someone that has a strong understanding of the affiliate marketing world and can impart that properly.

The Profit Singularity Ultra Edition course definitely seems to have been created by such individuals, so its recent rise to popularity shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone.

What Is the Profit Singularity Ultra Edition?

Profit Singularity Ultra Edition is a program designed to provide users with a great way to generate passive income right from home using a simple ‘3-step process’. The program caters towards people that don’t want to go through too many hoops to earn money on the internet. While it won’t make you instantly rich, it can act as a decent way to earn a passive income with minimal effort.

The program essentially focuses on providing users with great results while cutting down the usual pitfalls and difficulties involved in the process.

The Three Step Process:

Users will learn the art of setting a one time campaign that requires very little work

The power and sheer simplicity of this brand new method is astonishing.

There is:

  • No tech skills required – So simple my grandmother could do it
  • No Product Creation or Sourcing
  • No Customer Service or Order Fulfillment
  • No Followers or Subscribers Needed
  • No Facebook, Instagram or Amazon
  • No Online Store
  • No Email
  • No Staff
  • No SEO

This is simpler, faster and more profitable than anything you have seen before for making money online.

…and it is so NEW, it is a completely untapped method!

To put it all together, the Three step process is as following:

Step #1: Choosing the Right Affiliate Offer:

You will learn to pick up the right offer so you not only make big commissions but also it should be scalable easily. The case studies mentioned below were not like that from day 1. They were scaled gradually. So picking the right offer is critical.

Step #2: Creating The High Converting Video Ad:

To get targeted traffic, you will learn how to leverage Youtube ads, as this is the 2nd most traffic source in the world. For that, you need a video. Your video should not only be catchy but it should also be able to create curiosity.

Don’t worry as the Profit Singularity Ultra Edition comes up with a software that uses AI technology to get 90% of work done. Yes, you can now make a completely high converting video using this software without needing to voice record, outsource or show up on camera.

Step # 3: Bridge Page:

You will learn the art of creating a simple one page website that sends traffic from the ad to the offer. This step is simple but essentially critical. As the page should be the one with high CTR to the offer.

Through this, users will have the knowledge they need and be able to use it in a more practical manner instead of simply being given raw data that isn’t all that useful to put to work.

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Can You Do This All By Yourself?

Yes, you may replicate the business model but the chance of succeeding with it is very very thin all by yourself. The mentors of Profit Singularity Ultra Edition have immense amounts of data through which they know what works and what does not. With paid traffic one can easily burn a lot of money without realizing the fact they are actually failing. But with Profit Singularity Ultra Edition you will have access to great knowledge and experience from people who not only made millions but have also assisted others in doing so with the same business model.

Who Is the Team Behind This Program?

Profit Singularity Ultra Edition has largely been designed by three individuals. These are Rob Jones, Mark Ling and Gerry Cramer. All three of them have quite a bit of history working in this line of work and have now decided to impart their knowledge to their users for the second time. The team wanted to create a course that was able to provide learners with a lot of benefits, regardless of their current experience level in affiliate marketing.

This means that users will be able to pick up on a vast array of useful techniques and tricks without feeling like what they are learning is too difficult to understand. And for any quick learners out there, the module-based learning system that the program has means that they can learn at their own pace. Thus, it really seems to be focused on providing a comprehensive and worthwhile experience to all its users.

The main goal behind the training seems to be to focus on giving users not just the basics, but also the finer details about affiliate marketing, making the entire thing much more approachable and effective. Thus, anyone who has tried it in the past but failed to see any decent results should consider giving this training a go.

What Are Some of the Main Features of this Course?

As with any other course out there, this gives users a bunch of cool features that make it quite a worthwhile investment. These are:

  • Works out of the box and doesn’t require users to get new software or products. This means that as soon as one buys the course, they will have the resources needed to generate the income and won’t have to spend more money on items.


  • Has been designed with beginners in mind. Users that feel like they haven’t received much learning or benefits from other courses may find that this is more focused and precise in its teachings. Plus, it ensures that beginners are able to learn from it without worry.


  • With so many people having tried it already, there’s no denying that it provides some decent results. A lot of people have given it ago, as is seen from the existing reviews and testimonials.


  • With the different packages and modules available for this product, one can easily learn at a rate that is suitable for them.

Profit Singularity Ultra Edition – Modules List

This program is available in the form of several modules. These are:

  • Creation of video ads with AI software.
  • Ad copy formation.
  • Tips on a visitor into a buyer.
  • Campaign launch.
  • Testing and scaling up.
  • Secrets of the Titans.

From this list, it should be quite evident that users of this course will be able to receive a lot of learning. And all of that has been expertly designed in a way that makes learning it quite simple and effective. As users make their way through the course, they will get more and more details about the affiliate marketing system added to their mind. And by the end of it, one will likely be able to put it all in practice.

How Successful Was Last Year’s Profit Singularity?

Last year was a hit for profit singularity students. Mark Ling received official word from Clickbank (one of the affiliate networks they use) that his students were able to make $122 million and counting revenue since last year. Below are some case studies of students from last year:

Video # 1: Cole Made $4.5M With This Model

Video # 2: Newbie To 50K Per Day

Video # 3: Inspirational Dad Of 4

Where Can Users Buy the Profit Singularity Ultra Edition Course?

As of right now, this course can only be bought via the official website. The pricing is divided into two main packages. These are:

  • Users can buy it at a one-time cost of $2497.

For anyone who might find it hard to pay the one-time cost, the creators have also provided an installment plan. This plan ensures that people can pay it as a part of three smaller payments instead.

  • You can pay $997 in three installments.

Either way, you will be receiving a money back guarantee with this product. This is said to last about 30 days after purchasing the program.

Benefits of Using the Profit Singularity Ultra Edition Course

  • Has been made to ensure that users are able to receive betterment from it, regardless of their current expertise in affiliate marketing.
  • Provides a lot of benefits to both beginners, as well as experts with its unique module system.
  • Ensures that users are able to proceed with the program at their own pace and don’t have to worry about being too fast or slow.
  • The team behind it has a lot of experience in working in this line of work and the result of the course speaks for itself.

Conclusion and Final Thoughts On Profit Singularity Ultra Edition 2022:

Overall, it seems like the Profit Singularity Ultra Edition program is one that shouldn’t pass under the radar for anyone that wants to achieve betterment in this line of work. It offers a variety of benefits and does so at a cost that might seem steep but is generally affordable when compared to market alternatives. For more information, visit their official website. It has additional details for customers that are interested in buying this.

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