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PRINTING – Boran Reklam Outdoor Advertising

As human beings, we are attracted to the brightest, most unique looking colourful phenomenon imaginable  . . the ambiences automatically trigger a part of our brains that compels us to take more interest in this entrancing feeling that tugs at the strings of our inner child, bewildering us with intrigue and excitement be it a gift you plan on buying for your loved one or enjoying the rich landscape of our beautiful green planet.    It includes all kinds of print which include UV printing, retail printing service, led light box frame, printing, and metallic forming, which are the main basic features of Boran Reklam Outdoor Advertising which provide the customer with all kinds of variety. sunlight and water-resistant uv printing that can be applied on almost any material in boran reklam. It can be applied directly to glass, PVC foam, wood, ceramics, forex, plexiglass (acrylic) and many other materials and is perfect.


  • modular, lightweight and super easy installation
  • single-piece production up to 16 meters
  • more than 8 different profiles for wall mounting
  • contrary to all other types of printing the wall-mounted light box is much more attractive and eye-catching

A wall-mounted light box is the latest way to do poster advertising. It is a head turner as the eye-catching wall display boxes increase the overall look of the advertisement. It makes brand promotion easy with its lightweight and portable looks, bright led lighting, and easily changeable graphics to suit your needs. 

 The data revealed in the research show that 3d lenticular / 3d printing is 5 times more effective than other printing types.  such artistic perception has slowly now been captured on canvas with the latest technology, one of which includes 3d lenticular printing – the ability to create images that move and change with the placement of your head. It is one of the most lucrative and attractive forms of advertising in the market yet for some reason underutilized. it creates some of the most visually appealing effects that hook customers long enough for them to be strongly interested in the services that you are trying to sell them. 3d lenticular printing is a process by which lenticular lenses are utilized to create immersive depth perception by interlacing two images in alternating strips combined into a singular picture which is then placed behind a lenticular lens. the light passing through these lenses refracts and bends which in turn creates an illusion of the image morphing into another and even moving depending upon the angles the image is being viewed.

3D Lenticular Printing – The New World:

3d lenticular printing can be an effective and engrossing method of transferring information about a brand or business within a matter of seconds compared to a dull brochure which quite frankly is slowly becoming a lost art of a bygone age. dazzling and eye-catching images that change with the movement of your head will likely land you more customers than making them read through the copious number of words that nobody has the time for these days. This will create far better customer engagement and keep the buzz around your business for a long while.