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Premium Ni-Cd battery for even power

Batteries from around more than 100 years are in continuous use and now there are different sizes and types of batteries. These batteries are designed for different purposes and have different capabilities. Some have high power while others have a long life or are rechargeable. The selection of device batteries depends upon the conditions in which you will use them and their capabilities.

Nickel Cadmium batteries are among the most popular battery types, and their main purpose is to provide even power throughout their lifetime. In this article, we will discuss Overview of Ni-Cd Battery and their uses and advantages. So let’s get started.

What Is NiCd Battery?

EBL Ni-Cd Battery is the abbreviation of Nickel-cadmium, and the chemistry of the battery mainly depends on these two chemicals. They are dry batteries and are known for steady power. You might find these batteries low in voltage. Usually, these batteries produce a voltage of 1.1 to 1.2 volts. Still, in contrast to other batteries that cannot maintain their voltage range throughout their journey, these batteries are known to provide constant power till their complete depletion.

How do NiCd Batteries work?

NiCd batteries are composed of Nickel and Cadmium compounds in different forms. They might have different specifications based on their models and make. Still, generally, they have Nickel hydroxide Ni(OH)2 as the positive electrode and Cadmium hydroxide Cd(OH)2 as the negative electrode. Potassium hydroxide KOH is used as an electrode to maintain the connection between the electrodes. Due to the use of heavy metals, they have low internal resistance, and as a result, they can provide tremendous power over a short time and recharge quickly.

Features Of NiCd batteries

NiCd has limited use due to its fast depletion over a short period, but it can be used for a long time if you recharge them properly. These are the main features of NiCd batteries.

Even Power

Not every battery type can provide constant power throughout its depletion cycle. Usually, batteries have high potential and voltage when they are fully charged. Still, it gradually decreases with battery depletion, and at 20 to 30 percent, they cannot provide the required power. NiCd batteries provide constant power and voltage throughout their cycle and will fully illuminate the light until they reach 0 percent.

Easy Recharge

NiCd batteries are very easy to recharge, and they recharge very quickly due to no internal resistance. You can recharge the complete batteries in less than half the time required to charge similar batteries of different kinds.

High Power

NiCd batteries have high power and endurance, and in contrast to other AA-size batteries, which have 600 to 800 mAh, they can go up to 1100 mAh. This feature can not be ignored, and it can be used in a highly tense environment.

Uses Of NiCd batteries

Due to their amazing and unique features, these batteries have extensive use in special situations. You can use these batteries without any problem in an environment where other batteries might seem to fail. These are the main uses of NiCd batteries

In Power Tools

One of the main problems in power tools, when you use regular batteries, is that their performance keeps reducing with battery percentage. With NiCd batteries, you get even power throughout their life cycle and can use the power tools to their maximum extent.

Solar Lights

Nicd batteries are used in solar-charged lights because they provide even brightness to lights the whole night without any issue. These batteries are charged on solar plates during the daytime and use this power to lighten the area during the night.

Gaming And competitive Controllers

You can also use these batteries in gaming controllers, or they are most commonly used in controllers for RC cars. The purpose of using these batteries is to ensure that no signal is delayed to the inefficient power supply and you control your required devices in the exact way you want and at the time that you want.

Things To Consider When Using NiCd batteries

Few are the points that you should consider when you are using these batteries to ensure their maximum life.

Charge Only When depleted

This problem is a very common one in NiCd batteries which is called the memory effect. If these batteries are used on regular charge and depletion cycles, such as in solar lights, their effective runtime is reduced, and they only work for that cycle. If you want your batteries to work properly, then it is better to drain them completely before recharging them.

Avoid harsh Conditions

The temperature range for the working of NiCd batteries is quite limited, and they are only suitable for temperatures less than 45-degree Celsius. If you use it in power tools, take a break, so they do not overheat.

Proper Disposal

NiCd batteries have cadmium, a heavy metal highly toxic to the environment. Moreover, it would be good enough if we properly dispose of it rather than throwing batteries in the trash when they are retired or break them open. Always follow the manufacturer’s provided procedure to dispose of them. They are recyclable and can go for more than 1000 cycles.

Do Not use a Regular Charger

NiCd batteries are special, and you should not charge them on any other charger than the company’s specified and recommended chargers. Using unrecommended chargers can cause the batteries to expand, and it can also reduce their reliability. In the worst cases, the batteries can also explode due to voltage differences.

Final Thought

In this article, we have discussed everything regarding NiCd batteries. Moreover, this battery has a low internal resistance that enables them to provide constant voltage and power throughout their cycle. These batteries have low endurance compared to other batteries, but they can be easily charged. They are used in highly competitive environments where the electric supply can cause significant performance issues. They are commonly used in power tools, solar lights, and competitive gaming controllers because of their reliability and consistency.

We have also discussed the factors that are important to consider when you are using these batteries to ensure their maximum performance and avoid any accidents.