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Precautions for Installation of Powder Metallurgy High Strength Alloy Gears-Harber Metal

Industry applications of high strength gears

As an important part of the transmission system gears, generally through the machining method. However, with the development of industry, gears and other parts of the increasingly high requirements, in terms of cost, delivery date and noise and other aspects of machined gears are difficult to meet the requirements; and powder metallurgy is a complex shape of the parts can be manufactured technology, can save material, energy saving, labor-saving, high-quality, suitable for mass production, to meet the various types of industrial requirements for parts gears. Therefore, powder metallurgy industry and gear industry are closely related.

China MIM can apply powder metallurgy technology to process the more complex structure of the gear, in the processing should pay more attention to, this situation needs to be for the different performance requirements of the workpiece on the appropriate choice of materials, in order to ensure that the processed gears can obtain higher strength.

When we use powder metallurgy material blanks for gear processing, can increase its strength by about ten percent. In addition, the precision of powder metallurgy gear production is related to the expansion coefficient of the material processing and the precision of the mold. Therefore, for gears with a diameter of 50 or less, the domestic molds are about grade 8, and the imported molds are a little better than grade 7. In this case, if it is a helical gear, then the grade will be higher. The big advantage of making gears with powder metallurgy is that they can be produced in large quantities with good uniformity.

Ordinary powder metallurgy gear products can generally withstand the equivalent of 14NM torque, for the warm pressure of the parts can reach 20NM. in the design, if the complete set of gears using professional powder metallurgy design, in the case of allowing the shape of the trimming, but also to reduce its quality by about thirty percent.

The performance of sintered gears is closely related to the powder metallurgy process, and the performance of gears produced by different processes and technology routes varies greatly, while the development of powder metallurgy technology promotes the improvement of the performance of sintered gears and dimensional stability.

Installation of Powder Metallurgy High Strength Alloy Gears

When installing and using powder metallurgy gears, please do not use them outside the specifications on the nameplate or catalog of the gear box and motor to avoid electric shock, injury and damage to the device. Also, please do not put your fingers or objects into the openings of the gears or motors and do not use defective gearboxes or motors, as this may result in injury or fire. (Note: Generally speaking, please do not remove the nameplate of the gear box or motor, and customers can not modify the product privately, due to the problems caused by your private modification of the gear box or motor, does not belong to the scope of the warranty, the general company will not assume any responsibility).

When moving the powder metallurgy high strength alloy gears, please be careful not to fall off or dump. Powder metallurgy high-strength alloy gear installation location selection, powder metallurgy high-strength alloy gear installation location next to prevent combustible materials, to prevent fire, this is because powder metallurgy high-strength alloy gear will produce a lot of heat during the movement, if there is a flammable material next to the flammable material can easily lead to combustion and fire. At the same time, if there are other items placed next to the installation location, it will affect the ventilation and cooling of the powder metallurgy high-strength alloy gears.

When installing the powder metallurgy high-strength alloy gears, it is necessary to implement the link with the power supply according to the wiring diagram or instruction manual to avoid electric shock or fire.

When the powder metallurgy high-strength alloy gear is running, do not approach or lift the rotating objects (shafts, gears, etc.). When there is debris involved or injury, cut off the power switch immediately and deal with it in time. Another thing to note is that when there is a power outage, the power switch should be cut off to prevent injury or damage to the device after the incoming call. Some powder metallurgy high-strength alloy gears in the motor is coy with thermal protector, when the motor temperature is abnormal will automatically cut off the power supply, when the temperature of the motor drops to a certain value, the motor will automatically resume work!

Powder metallurgy is a kind of mechanical parts processing technology, belonging to high and new technology. The products made by powder metallurgy process are high-tech products, which are made of metal powder (iron powder, non-ferrous metal powder) through mixing, pressing, sintering and subsequent processing of machinery and various metal products. The main markets for powder metallurgy products are automobiles, motorcycles, construction machinery, home appliances and agricultural machinery industry, etc. With the development of the lock industry and other related industries as well as the advancement of powder metallurgy technology, the powder metallurgy industry will have a big development, and the field of application will be continuously expanded.

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