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Prakash Software Solutions Transforms Business Development with SharePoint Development

Vadodara, Gujarat, India, June 21, 2023 – With the rapid advancements in technology, businesses have undergone a remarkable transformation, shifting from the industrial age to the digital realm.

In this era of the internet, every business is striving to progress at an unprecedented pace. In particular, software development companies are relentlessly dedicated to creating innovative and state-of-the-art technological solutions.

Among the myriad options available, SharePoint development services enhance productivity and agility in business operations.

With SharePoint, developers can harness its custom development functionalities to extend the features of their applications, whether through SharePoint On-premises or SharePoint Online (Microsoft Office 365).

SharePoint designers and development tools provide developers with a wealth of new functionalities and diverse development options. This enables them to build custom SharePoint solutions tailored to the needs of end users, utilizing features such as site templates, workflows, lists, and more. The success of businesses depends on the SharePoint solutions they implement and how effectively they align with their goals.

This essay explores SharePoint development methods, focusing on SharePoint development services and the creation of SharePoint intranets.

SharePoint Development Methods

There are four types of SharePoint development methods

  • Farm Solution
  • Sandbox Solution
  • SharePoint Add-ins

Farm Solution

Farm Solutions are the traditional approach to SharePoint development. They are deployed at the server farm level and have full trust and access to SharePoint’s server-side object model. Farm Solutions can include custom code, such as web parts, event receivers, timer jobs, and custom workflows. They are typically developed using Visual Studio and are deployed directly to the SharePoint server.


Full access to SharePoint’s server-side capabilities. Allows customization of SharePoint’s core functionality. Suitable for complex and highly customized solutions.


Requires administrative privileges to deploy and manage. Potential impact on server performance and stability. Not supported in SharePoint Online (cloud-based version).

Sandbox Solution

Sandbox Solutions were introduced as a way to provide a more controlled and isolated development environment. They are deployed at the site collection level and run within a restricted sandboxed environment. Sandbox Solutions can contain custom code, similar to Farm Solutions, but with certain limitations to ensure resource usage and security.


Provides a controlled development environment. Allows for customization without affecting the overall server performance. Supported in both on-premises and SharePoint Online environments.


Limited access to server-side capabilities. Certain features and APIs are not available in the sandboxed environment. Deprecated in SharePoint Online and will be phased out.

SharePoint Add-ins

SharePoint Add-ins, previously known as SharePoint Apps, offer a contemporary approach to extending SharePoint’s functionality without directly modifying the SharePoint server. These add-ins are self-contained applications that reside outside of SharePoint but can interact with it through APIs and web services. They can be developed using various technologies such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, or .NET.


Hosted on any platform, including Azure or other web servers. No need for direct access to the SharePoint server. Easy deployment, management, and updating of add-ins. Supported in both on-premises and SharePoint Online environments.


Limited access to server-side capabilities. Requires a separate hosting infrastructure for the add-in. May require additional effort for authentication and data access.

SharePoint Intranet Development

A SharePoint intranet services is a private network that serves as a centralized hub for an organization’s internal communications, content management, and collaboration needs.

SharePoint intranet development involves the following key steps:

  • Information Architecture
  • User Experience Design
  • Content Management
  • Collaboration and Social Features
  • Workflow Automation

The purpose of this blog is to provide businesses with valuable insights into SharePoint development methods and approaches that they should consider adopting for their SharePoint Development Projects.

Whether you are working with SharePoint On-premises or SharePoint Online, it is essential to align your chosen SharePoint development framework with your business objectives.

In this blog, we have meticulously highlighted all the essential factors that should be taken into consideration before selecting a SharePoint development method. Additionally, we have provided a comprehensive overview of the pros and cons associated with each method to aid you in making an informed decision.



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