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Popular Models of Diesel Steam Cleaners

Diesel-powered steam cleaners are gaining popularity in the expanding industry of steam cleaners, particularly among commercial cleaning company sectors. The high steam output is necessary for the full construction cleaning process in various industrial programs such as mobile detailing services and car washes.

This type of steam cleaning is preferred by all commercial customers, particularly those with industrial operations. As it is often used for cleaning and disinfecting large restaurant kitchens and toilets, it is also more effective for chemical-free cleaning. It’s important to understand what makes a good diesel steam cleaner stand out and meet the requirements of modern businesses.

Cost, Size, and Accessories of Diesel Steam Cleaners

Models can be costly, yet they are valuable in a variety of scenarios. Some versions may additionally have the proper fittings for the sanitization procedure on various types of surfaces. Businesses need to consider the many accessories that come with the models in the context of any flexible steam cleaning process since they must function in a broad variety of activities. Connection to a larger water tank might also be a vital necessity.

What Are the Best Models of Diesel Steam Cleaners?

Various steam cleaning models that come out with different attachments and diesel consumption rates as efficient burners can easily save a lot of money.

  • Fortador PRO Max is an all-in-one steam cleaner that can provide a high amount of capabilities as it can be used in the cleaning process of carpet surfaces as well as upholsteries. All the attachments and accessories which come with this model allow its operators to do many tasks without compromising any efficiencies. With a big water tank of 6.6 gallons and a pressure of 20 bars/295 PSI, this model gives proper steam pressure to remove all kinds of stains and dirt.
  • The Fortador PRO is also another great model in the series as it is very much familiar like the PRO model, but it is its less weight and size that makes it more attractive. With only 175 lbs of weight, it is much easier to carry.
  • The Optima DMF model is another variant that is very popular in this field as it has an intelligent control system that very much works in the regulation of CPU monitors. The main advantage of this model is that it has an adjustable flow rate and reasonable steam control.
  • The Astra Streamer has several advantages, including a higher boiler capacity and a quicker heating rate. However, it has several flaws, such as its consumption of four times as much diesel fuel as the Fortador PRO versions.

Commercial diesel steam cleaners are typically required by all modern-day business operators, particularly in mobile services and various other car wash and construction cleaning services.