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Ponchiqs Developers Announce Launch of an FPS Game + Mobile App

Ponchiqs blends a first-person shooter game with exciting modes and a mobile app. Get ready for a new game ecosystem.

ISTANBUL, April 30, 2024 – The developers behind Ponchiqs are launching their metaverse game that combines a first-person shooter game with exciting modes, and a Mobile App in June. With this unique combination, this development team is poised to deliver an unforgettable gaming experience. Players can immerse themselves in a world like no other to join forces with a charismatic unicorn, embark on a daring mission, and save the world.

Web3 games were exciting at first but have failed to retain non-crypto natives. Many Web3 games require players to go through complex set-up processes that can turn off players who are looking for entertainment. Additionally, some Web3 games are simply DeFi apps disguised as games and lack immersive gameplay. For these reasons, most Web3 games have failed to retain active users. Many first-person shooter games also do not offer enough excitement to keep players engaged in the long term.

“We’ve developed Ponchiqs to offer thrilling gameplay supported by strong tokenomics and a robust economy,” says Ponchiqs CEO Gökhan Gezici. “Beyond that, we aim to be the best at uniting airdrop logic with in-game missions.”

Ponchiqs offers a gripping adventure where players can earn rewards, access customizable psycho powers, and interact with fellow Ponchiqs through an engaging multiplayer mode. As such, Ponchiqs will offer gamers more fun, better quality, and higher profits. Get ready for a new game ecosystem.

The team behind Ponchiqs has leveraged their extensive experience in the gaming industry, software technologies, and best practices in entertainment to build this game. In fact, the CMO and COO Berk Doğan was a COO & Partner at Seedify.fund – one of the biggest Web3 gaming incubators. Cem Uçar, the CTO, is an experienced VFX artist and game designer with experience at Netflix, Marvel Entertainment, and 20th Century Studios.

Ponchiqs offers gamers an immersive and thrilling FPS experience, coupled with captivating modes and rewarding economics. As such, Ponchiqs addresses ongoing Web3 gaming challenges while offering a fulfilling and exciting gaming experience that will keep players coming back for more.

About Ponchiqs

Ponchiqs is a meta-universe that combines a first-person shooter game, exciting modes, and a mobile app. Backed by a strong team with experience in the gaming and entertainment industries, this game is poised to offer players thrilling gameplay and rewarding tokenomics.


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