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Polaris Slingshot Cars: Upcoming Features, Color Availability & Price

Polaris Slingshot cars introduces its 2023 model year portfolio, which emphasizes individuality and customization. The 2023 collection offers drivers the option to customize their vehicle with exciting and colorful colors as well as countless combination options direct from the factory. The Slingshot cars offers a variety of options in aesthetics, comfort, sound and technology that allow drivers to tailor their ride to best suit their lifestyle. Here are details for slingshot cars 2023 models to be lined up this year.

Slingshot Cars 2023 Model Lineup & Prices

The Slingshot S

The Slingshot S is the ultimate blank canvas waiting to be customized. The S is offered in Moonlight White with prices starting at USD 21,499 and $21,799 in California and for the manual transmission prices are starting from USD 23,349 and $23,649 for the Californian peoples. Californians can easily get slingshot cars and use an auto transport service to get their vehicle into the driveway.

Technology Package 1 Slingshot S

Owners looking to upgrade their S model can opt for Technology Package 1, which includes a 50-watt Rockford Fosgate audio system with a 2.7-inch display, speaker pods, and a Rockford Fosgate tweeter in the dash. Technology Package 1 also includes the Vehicle Safety Package and a standard Ripper Series Clear Wind Deflector to enhance comfort on S vehicles. The S Moon with Technology Package 1 is available in both manual and auto drive in Light White and Jet Black starts at USD 24,299 and $24,599 in California).

SL Slingshot

The Slingshot SL has next-level aesthetics and is ready for customization. The SL is offered in four colors with additional styling components, premium paint treatments, a 100-watt Rockford Fosgate audio system, and a seven-inch touchscreen display powered by RIDE COMMAND. The SL allows the driver to see and hear, taking the S to new heights. The 2023 SL is available in Storm Gray, Cobalt Blue, Neon Lime, and Pacific Teal in both manual starting at $27,499, $27,799 & $34,799 in USA, California and Canada respectively and AutoDrive starting at $29,349, $29,349 and $29,349 in USA, California and Canada respectively.

Slingshot SLR

SLR improves performance while also providing superior aesthetics and comfort. With a high-revving 203 HP Pro Star engine and now available in three new colors, this model is loaded with strong options. The equipped SLR comes with two-tone paint, additional exterior lights, a premium sport interior, and a 305mm rear wheel. The 2023 SLR is offered in Red Shadow, Lime Shadow, and Cobalt Blue Fade in both Manual starting at $30,399, $30,699 and $38,699 in USA, California and Canada respectively, and AutoDrive $32,249, $32,549 and $40,899 in USA, California and Canada respectively.

Slingshot R

The Slingshot R is back as the top-of-the-line model for those who love to stand out. Offered in five colors, the R turns heads with its upgraded bright multi-tone paint scheme, premium amenities, and stunning styling. A 203-horsepower ProStar engine, Brembo painted front calipers, paddle shifters (auto drive only), and a seven-inch touchscreen display with turn-by-turn navigation via RIDE COMMAND, connected services, and Apple CarPlay are all standard on the Slingshot. R. With an attractive sport-vented hood, the R gets a high-performance redesign. Desert Sky, Graphite Blue, Miami Blue Fade, Lime Dream, and Pacific Tail Haze 2023 R models are offered in both Manual (starting at $33,999 and $34,299 in California; starting at $42,899 CAD) and AutoDrive (starting at $36,139, $49,144 in California; $45,499 CAD).

Few Reasons Why You Should Purchase The Polaris Slingshot cars 2023

Although three-wheelers still seem new to some, they have been around for over 130 years. Early models had two wheels in the back and one in the front, but as time went on, they changed to a two-wheel front, one-wheel-rear design. Polaris is one of the brands that has given us the best example of this type. The Slingshot cars first hit the market in 2015 and quickly gained popularity.

Slingshot continues to serve everyone looking for a vehicle that combines the benefits of a car and a motorcycle. Polaris will introduce a new base model and an improved auto-drive gearbox in 2021, as well as a new 203-horsepower SLR trim level in 2022, as well as a variety of new colors and accessories for its Slingshot three-wheeler models in 2023.

The new Polaris Slingshot will be available in showrooms in early 2023 in four trim levels: S, SL, SLR, and R. Car shipping company in USA will help you to get the slingshot cars from showroom to direct your house without one single damage. The 2023 Slingshot collection includes multiple factory direct combination options, vibrant and bright colors, and more. Polaris has added some new features to its portfolio in response to client feedback.

The 7-inch touchscreen powered by Ride Command also supports Apple CarPlay, giving user’s access to Apple CarPlay, GPS and Bluetooth. The Model R, the most expensive level of the 2023 series, comes with a wide range of color options.