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Platforms That Will Revolutionize Their Respective Industries in 2023

Tech never stands still, and the pace of change is currently almost too fast to keep up with. The last few years witnessed the rise of key trends and digital platforms that have continued to fundamentally change the industries in which they’re relevant.

Below, we round up the platforms that are likely to have a massive impact on their respective industries in 2023 and beyond.

Healthcare: Freenome

This company is in the process of developing highly-advanced blood tests for the early detection of cancer. Underpinning these tests is Freenome’s multiomic platform, which uses a form of biological analysis. It’s hoped that multiomics will be a vital tool to fill in the gaps in our understanding of human health and disease.

The platform combines Freenome’s expertise in molecular biology with machine-learning techniques to discover cancer-associated patterns, taking in billions of circulating biomarkers from tumor and non-tumor sources. The company is also creating an effective feedback loop between the science and care sectors to integrate actionable insights for and from healthcare systems.

Things are looking bright for Freenome in the coming years: the exciting prospect of new ways to identify cancer at its earliest and most treatable stage has already drawn investment of over $1.1 billion from leading technology and healthcare investors.

Hospitality: Duve

Competition is fierce within the hospitality industry right now, with hotels, holiday rentals, and other venues making a comeback from the pandemic. Last year also saw a spike in new hospitality businesses opening, keen to meet the needs of a public who now largely prize experience over everything else when it comes to their vacation or short break.

Duve is making waves in the hospitality industry as a one-stop-shop solution to provide the best guest experience possible while maximizing efficiency and staff productivity. The Duve guest experience platform is already being used by thousands of hoteliers worldwide, and this number is set to increase significantly in 2023.

Some of the key tools and features offered by the software include providing guests with remote, online check-ins and check-outs, a centralized guest communication hub (to ensure that no message slips through the cracks, and enabling staff to see a complete record of all communication had with each individual guest) and a guest app. The latter puts all the information guests need at their fingertips, such as interactive maps, local guidebooks, and full details of the venue’s amenities.

Food and Drink: What’s Good

Last year saw the rise of the online farmers market, which tapped into the growing concern to eat both more healthily and more sustainably. The public, in general, is now keen to know where their food has come from and to shop locally, choosing organic options in ever greater numbers.

The What’s Good platform is set to capitalize on this trend in 2023 and beyond. The platform was initially established to connect local growers with small producers and has recently branched out to cater directly to consumers. This means that individual customers can now access fresh, locally-grown produce directly from farms and other small suppliers in their area.

Hundreds of different suppliers are aggregated on the app so that customers can choose products from many different sources and then either pick up their order from a local collection point or have their items delivered at a convenient time.

Manufacturing: Intellect

Consistent, reliable quality management systems are vital in manufacturing, which is why Intellect is fast becoming the go-to solution in this sector. As well as making sure that every single item that comes off the production line is up to standard, the platform can be used to ensure FDA or ISO compliance and to hugely increase the efficiency and accuracy of audits.

Intellect’s mission is to help its users expand and automate their businesses, and the platform offers powerful features to make these things happen. These include tools relating to calibration and maintenance, risk management, validation and verification, document control, and supplier management.

The platform aims to empower manufacturers to develop safer, better products.

Retail: Koji

Koji is the link-in-bio platform that has just launched a new tool enabling its users to sell audiobooks and e-books. This move is expected to capitalize on the Book Tok trend and is likely to be the first of many this year geared toward allowing creators to develop new income streams via Tik Tok. Given that, to date, the Book Tok tag has racked up more than 113 billion views, it’s no surprise that companies, developers, and individuals are coming up with ways to monetize content better.

Koji already serves more than half a million creators: it’s free to use and has no restrictions in place regarding minimum follower count.

The Rise of the High-Tech, Intuitive Software Platform

As the above shows, every industry is now being revolutionized by advanced digital platforms that can uplevel processes, boost efficiency, and open up brand new markets for businesses. This is likely to be the tip of the iceberg: as advances in tech continue to accelerate at a dizzying pace, the tools available to help businesses – and entire industries – optimize their operations, and make our lives easier, will only grow.