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Phygital Labs unveils Nomion in quest to bridge real and digital worlds

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam , October 13, 2023, Evertise AI PR, As the world marches towards a future where the lines between the physical and the digital are almost nonexistent—a phenomenon now referred to as “phygital”—the need to innovate for that future is essential.

The seamless integration of digital technologies such as artificial/virtual reality and blockchain into our everyday experiences will undoubtedly bring about a radical shift in how we do things.

Huy Nguyen (left), Julie Pham (middle) and Nam Do (right),  Board of Directors of Phygital Labs.

 Phygital Labs, at its core, embodies this shift in innovative spirit.  Founded in 2023, by a group of young talents returning home from Silicon Valley,  who have years of experience working at Google, Apple, Cisco.

Its flagship product, Nomion, aims to encourage a new era in technology that will drive Vietnam’s digital economy forward. 

“I have a strong belief that #phygital is the most promising trend in the next decades, especially in applying online-to-offline daily activities,” said Nguyen. “As the world is moving towards the digital space more and more, there is a demand for everyone and everything to co-exist in both worlds.” 

Meaning “to name everything” in Esperanto, Nomion is an end-to-end solution that  gives physical assets their digital identities. 

The Phygital revolution 

Through a simple radio frequency identification (RFID) scan, Nomion unlocks the digital counterpart of any physical product, facilitating ownership tracking and ensuring authenticity via blockchain technology. 

In essence, Nomion bridges the gap between the tangible and the digital, transforming everyday objects into gateways to the digital economy. When widely adopted, it will help improve how consumers interact with products, streamline processes and boost users’ confidence. 

“Phygital will be the gate connecting the real world and the digital world, where the two worlds converge and exist in parallel,” said Huy Nguyen, co-founder of Phygital Labs. “This will be a completely new revenue stream, reshaping traditional standards and creating a potential digital economy.” 

The story behind Nomion’s name adds an extra layer of depth. Esperanto, the language from which “Nominion” is derived, was created with the aim of fostering world peace during times of conflict in the late 19th century. Just as Esperanto sought to bridge linguistic divides, Nomion aspires to unite the physical and digital worlds, unlocking the potential of both. 

Burgeoning beyond borders 

Phygital Labs is not content with merely introducing Nomion to the market. The company’s ambitious vision extends far beyond Vietnam’s borders. The company aims to increase awareness and expand its coverage throughout Vietnam. By 2025-2026, it plans to make its mark in the Southeast Asian region before setting its sights on a global presence.

As a testament to its commitment, Phygital Labs has already inked significant partnerships. The company recently signed agreements with UNESCO Vietnam and Non Nuoc Stone Craft Village in Ngu Hanh Son, Da Nang, as well as several provinces for OCOP (One Commune One Product) products. These partnerships underscore the company’s dedication to not only driving innovation but also promoting cultural heritage and economic development.

MOU Signing Ceremony with three parties including the Vietnam Information Technology Association, The Department of Information and Communications of Da Nang City, and Phygital Labs on “Cooperation and promotion of digital transformation in Da Nang City”.


“Positioning our company at the forefront of this new market will allow us to be a leader in bridging the gap between reality and digital with our innovative solution, and introduce a new paradigm of digital economy to best benefit the world,” said Nguyen.

With its revolutionary phygital solution—Nomion, Phygital Labs sets its sights on the future that awaits Vietnam’s digital economy and the global tech space.


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