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PayAccept to Integrate Upcoming Digital Euro into its Platform, Making CBDC Accessible for EU Residents

PayAccept, the global crypto payment service, has announced that it will integrate the European Central Bank’s upcoming digital euro currency into its platform, offering EU residents more options for making payments and accessing their money when it is launched.

PayAccept customers already trust the platform to meet their fiat and crypto needs. With the addition of the digital euro, the most anticipated central bank digital currency in the world, PayAccept continues its expansion as a one-stop financial ecosystem with decentralized wallets, a native blockchain, crypto exchange, and physical debit cards.

Utilizing its QR and NFC technology that enables payments directly from mobile devices with a simple tap, PayAccept plans to integrate the digital euro currency into its platform, providing access for millions of EU residents through its established ecosystem of decentralized solutions.

With the digital euro integration, PayAccept users will be able to easily spend and receive the new CBDC for payments, purchases, and bill payments through the PayAccept app. Business owners will also be able to accept the digital euro by signing up as PayAccept merchants.

“We have made transacting with crypto and fiat currencies seamless and accessible to customers around the world through our single interface that connects to bank accounts and allows trading of multiple cryptocurrencies,” said a spokesperson of PayAccept during a press briefing. “Our experience fulfilling the financial needs of users in an easy and convenient way will translate to making the digital euro accessible for millions of people across Europe.”

The digital euro is aimed at offering EU citizens an electronic form of central bank money. Modeled after physical cash, this digital currency will provide an alternative to bank accounts and will be accessible to everyone regardless of their banking status.

PayAccept plans to make the CBDC attractive to users by integrating it into its existing platform of decentralized financial (DeFi) services. PayAccept’s native currency $PAYT enables real-world use cases while also providing extra benefits to customers using its wallet, debit card, and crypto exchange.

PayAccept’s mission goes beyond just adding the digital euro—it is about giving users financial freedom and choice, the company spokesperson noted. “We want to give people the option to use the digital euro within our ecosystem, along with other cryptocurrencies and traditional money. Control over one’s finances should not depend on any single institution but on the preferences of individuals.”

Security for customer funds and data is a priority for PayAccept. According to the spokesperson, “We employ industry-leading security technologies and allow customers to retain access and control over their private keys. When the digital euro arrives on our platform, customers can be assured that it will be kept just as secure as their other funds.”

The integration of the digital euro is expected to further PayAccept’s goal of making decentralized finance more mainstream and inclusive. The company aims to onboard at least 1 million new EU customers once the digital euro launches through its easy-to-use app and merchant integrations.

PayAccept’s experience and expertise in handling cryptocurrency and fiat payments over the past few years position the company to make the transition to CBDCs effortless for digital euro users. Customers will soon have another innovative payment option within PayAccept’s wider ecosystem of DeFi services that champion financial freedom and self-sovereignty.

The company spokesperson concluded by saying, “The digital euro represents an opportunity for us to further our vision of a world where users control their own money through a decentralized wallet system.”

About PayAccept:

PayAccept is a global crypto payment solution that makes transactions hassle-free for both merchants and customers, thanks to its QR and NFC technology that allows payments to be made directly from smartphones. The platform lets users link their bank accounts and trade multiple cryptocurrencies in a single interface. PayAccept’s mission is to create a financial system where users control their own funds without dependence on centralized institutions.

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