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Paul Benevente Continues Successful Career as Medical Sales Rep

The medical sales industry is a very important one that ensures that healthcare practices are able to get access to the medication and equipment that they need. One individual that has continued to have success in this field is Paul Benevente. Over the course of his life and professional career, Paul Benevente has had a variety of experiences that have helped him to be successful in medical sales.

Early Life and Time Spent in the Armed Forces

Paul Benevente was born and raised in Lindenhurst, NY, which is outside of New York City. Throughout his childhood, he had an interest in sports and music and wanted to help support his country and community. After graduating from Lindenhurst High School, he joined the US Army as an Army Engineer. He was then deployed to Kwajalein in 1991. During this time, he received a number of awards and positive acknowledgments, including being named a member of the Civic Action Team.

Start of Sales Career

After spending a few years with the US Army, Paul Benevente left the armed forces and rejoined civilian life. He immediately started a career in sales and found a knack for dealing well with other people. For the first 6 years of his career, he worked for Data Agents in Virginia and excelled in law enforcement sales. Eventually, he found a great opportunity to start his own business, Hampton Roads Business Machines. After growing the business for five years, he decided to sell it and go back into sales.

A career in Medical Sales

After selling his own business, Paul Benevente decided to continue to utilize the interpersonal and sales skills that he developed throughout his career. He was immediately named a district manager for L’Amy America with a focus on optical sales. He has continued to successfully grow his division and continues to look for new opportunities to grow the business. Today, he continues to excel in a leadership role as he also mentors new sales representatives.

Interests Outside of Work

While Paul Benevente has continued to have a long and successful career in the medical sales field, he does continue to have a variety of interests outside of work. When he is not working and drumming up a new business, he enjoys sitting back and listening to some of his favorite music from the 1980s and 1990s. He also continues to watch his favorite New York teams, including the Jets, Yankees, and Islanders. He has also found ways to give back to the community, including being a board member of the Colonial Italian American Association.

Over the course of his career, Paul Benevente has continued to excel as a salesperson and business leader. This includes working in the medical sales industry, which has helped him provide supplies the healthcare providers need to ensure their patients are properly cared for. Today, he is responsible for running his own district and helping to grow the company while also providing support for less experienced team members.