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Pastor Anwar Fazal – Spreading the word of God through Isaac Television

When we experience God and have a personal relationship, we want others to know Him too. Sharing the Gospel is possibly the most direct approach to promoting God’s word and bringing people to know Him. Spreading the word of God can sometimes be difficult unless we have a clear understanding. When we care about others, we want to share the good things in our lives to help them either stay or get on the righteous path of God. In this regard, Gospel is the greatest story to be shared. Sharing this story with others is essential to our life as well. God loves us beyond the mere frame of imagination and created us to be in his image and fellowship with Him.

Many of us have heard the importance of sharing the word with others, and its mainly conveyed to us through pastors at church. However, when it comes to spreading the word of God to a large number of people, Pastor Anwar Fazal sets a prime example of it. Pastors do play a pivotal role in spreading the Gospel through churches, but Fazal has touched millions of people through his prayer festivals. He occupies the stage and is admired extensively for his spiritual healing. Fazal strives to reconcile the folk and local spiritualities inherent in Pakistani culture with greater global religious ideas.

When we are ready to hear God, we must first understand how He communicates and how to discern His voice. God instructs what He wants for us and does not want us to stray from it. He is protective and does not want us to suffer any harm. As a result, He utilizes circumstances to open and close doors for us. God frequently speaks to us via people. One of the most common persons He uses is a wife or husband. Pastor Anwar Fazal, together with his loving wife, Nida Anwar, is a humble man of God who faithfully carries out the call the Lord has placed on his heart.

Embarking on his journey as a Minister

Fazal began his Ministry in the late 1995 from a shack in Lahore’s Bahar slum, where he worked odd jobs before becoming a pastor. His lectures and ability to connect with the locals quickly propelled him to popularity, earning him an invitation from former American President George W. Bush to pray before his second term election. Benny Hinn, the prominent American televangelist, also invited Fazal to appear on his television channel several times. His prayer festivals have touched millions of people throughout the years in Pakistan.

Finding the Eternal Life Ministries

It was in 2001 when God spoke to Fazal to start Eternal Life Ministry. He founded the Eternal Life Ministries (ELM) in Pakistan. This Ministry was based on the God-given verse of John 3:16 “For God so loved the world that he gave his only son that whosoever believe in him shall not perish but have eternal life.” He embarked on this journey with only four people from his family. Nearly 16,000 people come to his church every Sunday. Millions of people are also healed from various ailments and have been saved and delivered. 

Launching Isaac Television

The Lord spoke to Anwar to launch a Christian television channel in 2006. Anwar, a God-fearing servant, made a daring act of faith and created “ISAAC TELEVISION,” Pakistan’s first Christian satellite television network. ISAAC TV’s tagline is “Hope for the Nation,” It has provided hope to Christians and non-Christians alike. Isaac television broadcasts to almost 70 nations in Asia, the Middle East, and many more underserved places. Initially, the channel had to pay local cable operators and even install equipment in locations where a cable network did not exist. It eventually moved to satellite and even began online broadcasting in 2010, allowing its reach to grow beyond the Middle East and South Asia. The channel, funded by domestic and international contributions, has its headquarters in Lahore and many smaller offices in Karachi, Quetta, Peshawar, and other locations. Isaac TV offers a diverse choice of programming geared to Fazal’s personality and the message of God.

In 2014, the channel took a step further and widened its evangelism through an initiative called Isaac’s Best Worshippers, a localized version of the American Idol singing competition. The event sought to promote and provide a platform for aspiring Christian singers from the region. 

In a nutshell, Pastor Anwar Fazal has spent a significant part of his life spreading the word of God to the best of his powers. Over the years, his love for God has driven him to hold the largest yet inevitable congregations.