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Oxford or Housewife – Which Pillow Case is for Me?

The difference between an Oxford and Housewife pillowcase can be subtle, but it’s worth knowing. To most people a ‘pillowcase’ is just that-a cloth cover for your pillows; however there are some key differences you might not have realized existed before.

The first thing to note about the two types: one has straight seams while another features turned back edges (though again these aren’t always present). Second and this may seem like nothing

major at first glance-,the fabric used in each type will differ slightly too with respect.

Housewife Pillow Cases

Housewife pillow cases are what we all recognise and regard as ‘regular’ pillow case. They traditionally feature a plain, sewn edge which fits snugly around standard rectangular pillows without any fuss or additional features; this design simply does exactly what it says on the tin.

Why are they called ‘Housewife’?

While we can’t be 100% sure where the name “housewife” comes from, there are some interesting theories. One suggests that it was named after a type of fabric—the stuff women used to make houses out if before strong winds came along and destroyed their work surfaces with fiber From another perspective, housewives were seen as busy homemakers who needed tools like rasps or drills in order keep up appearances at home without having much contact outside Looking over old advertisements , you’ll often see phrases such “House Wives Needed” which seems more likely than others because they invariably sound empowering.

Pillow cases used to have a design flaw in the 19th century that resulted from their closed-end and open ends. This led them quickly falling out or gradually working their way loose over time, which is where Housewives Cooperative came into play by adapting this phenomenon with an inside flap at one end so you can securely fasten your pillows place throughout every night’s sleep.

This passage discusses how back when people would only put there pillowcases inside of closets until recently they started sewing it differently for more durability.

 Pillow Cases

The Oxford pillow case is an elegant and sophisticated cousin to the Housewife. Made with a border around all four edges, it’s perfect for people who want their cases just that little bit more special – or if you’re looking in store because your old one got dirty!

The extra fabric doesn’t really do anything besides giving off different looks depending on what design they choose; but don’t worry: even though these seem complicated at first glance (and can be!) there are several ways this item will help keep dirt away from any Standard Pillow Size

Which one is best for Me?

Housewife pillow cases come in many different shapes and sizes. If you’re looking to keep it simple, a basic rectangular shape will work for your needs but if design is what gets ya’ than there are plenty of prints that can make even the most plain item look fancy.

TheOxford pillow cases not only add an extra layer of luxury and adornment to your bedding sets but also create the illusion that you’re sleeping on large pillows. If you love adding extras in terms or decoration, then these are perfect for making guest rooms look special with their elegant border design giving it a more fun atmosphere than ever before.

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– whatever style(s) caught her eye (or whoever has been sleeping rough).

Pillow cases may be small but they can make a big impact. Housewife pillowcases are what we all recognise and regard as ‘regular’ ones, with their plain sewn edge fitting snugly around standard pillows to keep them clean in situations where accidents happen! No fuss or extra features needed here – just simple design that does exactly what it says on the tin.

The differences between an Oxford and Housewife pillow case can be subtle, but they’re worth knowing about. Most people don’t think in terms of different types when it comes to their bedding- until you start looking closer.

The first difference is the material used:Oxford cloths are made from pure wool while housewives use cotton threading together with other fabrics such as silk or nylon for added strength against wear.