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Our Ultimate Guide To Stop Vape Coils For Burning

How much do you spend on e-cigarettes? One of the biggest selling points of vaping has always been that it is much cheaper than smoking. Even if the price of a pack of cigarettes is relatively low, the cost of smoking can rise rapidly if you buy a pack every day. Vaping may cost a fraction of that, but with today’s vaping devices, it’s always more fun to have some fruitful flavours along with your nicotine crave.  Voopoo coils and Smok coils are famous coils brand and most famous products of these brands voopoo vinci coils and Smok Nord Coils, but make sure your coil campatiable with your vape kit.

If you’re unhappy with the money you spend on vaping, the problem probably isn’t the e-liquid. After all, no matter how many times you smoke, the e-liquid you can use in a day is limited. No, it really does matter how often you buy replacement coils when your vaping costs get out of hand. Today’s vape coils are powerful and precision manufactured, priced to match. If you burn out your vaping coil and install a new one almost every day, you are never spending more than you should on vaping. So why is your vape coil burning out so fast? This is a question that always comes from one of four different causes.

You Don’t Clean Your Coils:

Vape coils may burn faster than ever these days, but you don’t have to throw out the coils at the first sign of overcooked sugar. In most cases, a “Aspire” vaping coil will not burn at all. It’s actually just covered in debris, If you can remove that residue, you’ll still have a fully functioning coil underneath, which is what happens when you learn how to clean a vape coil. Get it right, and you’ll get a like-new coil and keep using it indefinitely.

Might You Use Sweetened E-Cigarette Juice:

Is the e-liquid you usually consume sweet? This is likely to be the case, as almost everyone seems to be buying sweetened e-juice these days. However, if your e-liquid tastes very sweet, it can significantly shorten the life of your coils, as it may contain sucralose. Sucralose is a very effective sugar-free sweetener. You’ll know that e-liquid contains sucralose because it tastes almost as sweet as candy and can even leave a sweet film of sweetness on your lips when you vape.

Do Not Prime Them When Installing New Coils:

Coil dirt is the number one cause of vape coil burns, which is a good thing because it can be completely repaired by cleaning – with no actual coil damage. However, the following two causes of atomiser burning cannot be solved because they involve damage.

Specifically, it is the wick that is damaged. Vape coils almost always use wicks, which can burn if not kept moist.

If you want to ensure your vape coils are as long as possible, you need to install them first, and properly installing a new coil always starts with preparing the wick. To prime a new vape coil just pours a little e-liquid into each opening on the side and top of the coil before installing.

Give the wick a little time to absorb the e-liquid. If it looks dry, add a little more vape juice before assembling your tank. Fill up the tank, as usual, wait a few minutes, and start vaping. At this point, the wick should be completely wet.