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OnlyFans is taking over the adult entertainment industry – what you need to know

Regardless of whether you’re someone who consumes adult entertainment or not, the industry is massive and having an understanding of it can be helpful. OnlyFans is a platform that sprung up a couple of years back and, since then, has become one of the most prominent players in the sphere of adult entertainment. 

But what is the platform, and how does it work? In this article, we’re going to provide you with a brief overview of the OnlyFans platform and how it makes money. Onlyfans models can rake in a lot of money during a month, but it’s a cutthroat business where not everyone can make it to the top, and success stories are rare.

What is OnlyFans? 

OnlyFans is, at its core, nothing more than a paid subscription service. But what makes it different from the likes of Netflix and other media, where you pay a monthly fee, is the fact that it’s free to access the entire catalog that’s available. Instead, one pays to get access to a specific model’s page.

The models then share videos and images of an erotic nature, which is exclusive to their subscribers. The platform also makes it possible to have different tiers to the subscription, enabling the models to appeal to a larger variety of customers. OnlyFans also allows models to receive private messages where they can then fulfill requests and the like, further upping their ability to make money.

What is the appeal of OnlyFans? 

To many users, the appeal of OnlyFans has two sides. The first is the fact that the content that they can take part in is of an exclusive nature. Sure, they are not the only ones receiving the images and videos, but it’s a whole lot less than on traditional adult entertainment sites.

OnlyFans also feels a lot more personal when compared to other sources of erotic content. The model is not some adult video star that is impossible to connect with. Instead, they feel much more like a real person.

How OnlyFans makes money 

OnlyFans make money by taking a cut out of the money that goes towards the models. The more subscribers the models on the platform have, the more money they make in the long run.

At the same time, this can be somewhat of a tricky tightrope to navigate. While the models receive the majority of the income, the company itself also needs (and wants) to make money. Therefore their commission fees can’t be too big, as this, in turn, could lead models with a larger following to look elsewhere for a different platform that might better suit their needs.

The same is true for the models. The market is incredibly saturated, and it’s hard to make a name for oneself. But those who manage to build up a larger following can often make large amounts of money every month.