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OnlineViz Announces Patrick Smith Achieves Retargeting Traffic Certification, Achievement of Excellence

Spearfish, WA, 4/21/2023, OnlineViz led by Patrick Smith has been certified in recognition of outstanding knowledge and expertise in the marketing discipline of “Retargeting.”

Being certified as a Retargeting Specialist requires many hours of study and training to stay on top of the most recent and innovative strategies for guiding website visitors from a lead to prospect and then to a client.

The specialty requires not only a strong ability to perform technical skills, an understanding of the newest and constantly changing software applications, but an often-unnoticed skill as an expert sales professional that understands the needs of the businesses primary target market.

Using his 30 plus years as a sales professional with over 25 years working on the cutting edge of technology for small businesses gave Patrick the opportunity to excel during his curriculum.

Patrick showed his proficiency in real world use of Retargeting for business owners by obtaining a high impression count, low cost for acquisition and above average CTR while building multiple audience styles to achieve the most qualified traffic.

After completing comprehensive testing with excellence, he outperformed the national average by over 200% during completion of a case study practicum.

More information about Patrick Smith’s certification can be found at https://certified.retargetingspecialist.com/p/NDc2

About OnlineViz

OnlineViz creates a customized strategy specifically for their small and mid-sized business owners so the owners can stop juggling all the jobs needed to be profitable, can have higher gross income and more free time to enjoy their life.

Their strategy for business growth is not like anything you have seen or heard about before.


Because they truly focus on their customers first.

Looking at the website OnlineViz.com you will find an unusual statement:

“We Wont Let You Buy From Us….”

Now most companies selling a product or service would not start out telling a prospect that they won’t let you buy from them! OnlineViz spells out how their focus is “… to become your trusted advisor by providing you with a complete solution to growing your business that is customized for your business.”

OnlineViz is a coaching company first and a full-service marketing company second. Their focus is to make sure all the business owners’ efforts are in-line and working together to provide more customers, a higher ROI and more time off for the owners!

Patrick Smith