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OnlineCheckWriter.com Celebrates 700,000 Registered Users

The b2b payment platform’s fast growth was helped by the 2023 launches of Pay by credit card without payee fee and Payroll funding by credit card options

OnlineCheckWriter.com, the leading b2b payments platform, has crossed over 700,000 registered users, far surpassing other payment platforms in monthly growth.

Small and medium businesses widely adopted the platform’s Payroll funding by Credit Card and pay-by-credit-card features. Unlike standard credit card processing, the payments platform enables customers to pay anyone as the payee doesn’t have to bear any fee. The recipient can receive the funds through check, wire transfer, or ACH without transaction fees. In addition, the payers can earn and keep their credit card reward points. 

“We are thrilled to celebrate this remarkable milestone of reaching 700,000 registered users,” said Sabeer Nelli, CEO and founder of OnlineCheckWriter.com. Credit card payments help small and medium businesses to smoothen their cashflow and allow their supply chains to speed up their cash conversion cycle.” 

OnlineCheckWriter.com emerged as a payment solution for Tyler Petroleum, Sabeer’s first venture, listed among Inc 5000 fastest growing companies initially developed as an internal payment and later launched the beta version to the public in 2018. Designed to automate the entire payment process for businesses, OnlineCheckWriter.com quickly became the go-to software for printing and mailing checks, creating invoices, paying bills, tracking spending, and more. OnlineCheckWriter.com offers a range of payment choices, including ACH or Direct deposit, Pay by Credit Card, Payroll by Credit Card, Wire Transfer, Wallet to Wallet Transfer, QR Code Payment, and Get Paid Links. Also, the platform offers a wide range of services, including RTP, payment links, international payments in multiple currencies, etc. 

“We extend our heartfelt gratitude to our clients who have trusted us,” he added. “We are confident that, with your continued support, we will reach even greater heights.” 

“Our all-in-one platform offers the best payment method where the customers can choose how they want to pay and get paid,” he added. 

Zil Money Corporation, the parent company of OnlineCheckWriter.com, ZilBank.com, and ZilMoney.com, is dedicated to innovative payment technologies that cater to the changing requirements of businesses. Sabeer Nelli, the CEO of Zil Money Corp, acknowledges the difficulties small businesses face, such as insufficient funds and payment delays. The application offers solutions to simplify access to credit and minimize payment delays. 

ZilBank.com, the sister company of OnlineCheckWriter.com, offers various features, including Virtual Card, Digital Visa Gift Card, fee-free checking accounts for business owners outside the US, and Employee Expense Cards, etc. 

ZilBank.com’s Employee Expense Cards make it easy for companies to manage daily expenses. These cards empower businesses to track and control employee expenses efficiently, simplifying reimbursement. Business owners can assign cards to employees through the platform, set spending limits, and gain comprehensive insights into expenditure, resulting in streamlined financial operations and increased productivity. 

As a pioneer in the financial technology sector, ZilBank.com is dedicated to delivering secure, convenient, and innovative solutions to businesses worldwide. By leveraging advanced technology, ZilBank.com empowers entrepreneurs, fostering financial growth and enabling businesses to achieve their full potential. 

OnlineCheckWriter.com integrates with renowned accounting software platforms such as Sage, Xero, QuickBooks, Zoho, Gusto, Zapier, Bill.com, etc. This integration simplifies payments and enhances the overall user experience. Businesses with multiple accounts can conveniently monitor transactions. The platform secures its position as a leading provider of financial technology solutions for businesses worldwide.

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