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NOWNodes Launched Shared Arbitrum RPC Node.

Estonia, May 26, 2023, NOWNodes launched a shared Arbitrum RPC node on the official website. Today the shared Arbitrum RPC node is available on all NOWNodes plans.

NOWNodes, a leading provider of blockchain infrastructure services, is pleased to announce the launch of a shared Arbitrum RPC node on the NOWNodes platform. This release signifies the commitment to supporting the growing ecosystem of layer 2 solutions and providing developers with easy access to Arbitrum’s cutting-edge technology.

Arbitrum, developed by Offchain Labs, is a layer 2 scaling solution for Ethereum that aims to significantly enhance the scalability and throughput of decentralized applications (DApps). By leveraging Arbitrum, developers can benefit from faster transaction finality, lower fees, and improved user experiences, all while maintaining the security and compatibility of the Ethereum network.

NOWNodes, a trusted provider of blockchain nodes, is thrilled to offer the shared Arbitrum RPC node, enabling developers to seamlessly interact with the Arbitrum network. “By utilizing our Arbitrum full node, developers can access critical data, deploy smart contracts, and build innovative applications on Arbitrum’s layer 2 infrastructure”- says NOWNodes CEO. Also, the well-known node provider is going to launch the Arbitrum blockbook shortly.

Key Features of the Shared Arbitrum RPC Node:

  1. Seamless Integration: The shared Arbitrum RPC node seamlessly integrates with existing development workflows, making it easy for developers to transition their projects to Arbitrum.
  2. High Reliability: Our robust infrastructure ensures a high level of reliability and uptime, allowing developers to access the Arbitrum network consistently.
  3. Scalable Solutions: With Arbitrum’s enhanced scalability, developers can handle a higher volume of transactions and provide better user experiences for their decentralized applications.
  4. Developer-Friendly API: The shared Arbitrum RPC node provides a user-friendly API, empowering developers to interact with the network and access relevant data efficiently.

As the adoption of layer 2 solutions continues to accelerate, NOWNodes remains committed to supporting developers by offering cutting-edge infrastructure services. Our shared Arbitrum RPC node on our official platform underscores our dedication to fostering innovation and providing developers with the tools they need to build the next generation of decentralized applications.

About NOWNodes:

NOWNodes is a leading provider of blockchain infrastructure services. They offer access to RPC full nodes, including mainnet nodes and testnet nodes, API services, and WebSocket connection, as well as Block Explorers, to empower developers and enterprises in building decentralized applications. With a focus on security, reliability, and scalability, NOWNodes aims to accelerate the adoption of blockchain technology and cut the costs of node maintenance across crypto projects and enterprises.

Advantages of NOWNodes.io:

The company offers several advantages to developers and businesses in the blockchain space. Here are some key advantages of using NOWNodes:

  1. Wide Range of Supported Blockchains: NOWNodes supports 68 of the most popular blockchain networks, including Ethereum RPC, Bitcoin RPC, Binance Smart Chain RPC, Polygon RPC, and more. This allows developers to access a variety of blockchain data and infrastructure through a single service provider.
  2. Simplified Blockchain Integration: The company provides a user-friendly interface and developer tools that simplify the integration of blockchain nodes into applications or crypto platforms. Developers can quickly connect to the desired blockchain network and start interacting with it, saving time, money, and effort.
  3. Reliable and High-Performance Infrastructure: Node provider offers a robust and scalable infrastructure, ensuring reliable node hosting and API services. With high uptime and low latency, developers can depend on NOWNodes for uninterrupted access to blockchain data and services.
  4. Secure and Private Infrastructure: The SaaS company prioritizes the security and privacy of user data. Their infrastructure is built with advanced security measures and protocols, protecting sensitive information and ensuring the integrity of blockchain interactions.
  5. Developer-Focused Features: NOWNodes understands the needs of developers and provides a range of features tailored to their requirements. This includes developer-friendly APIs, extensive documentation, websockets for real-time data streaming, historical data retrieval and customizable endpoints on the dedicated access, and plenty of educational materials, such as articles and social media content.
  6. Scalability and Cost-Effectiveness: The company offers flexible plans and pricing options, allowing developers and businesses to scale their usage based on their specific needs. This ensures cost-effectiveness and affordability, especially for projects of varying sizes and resource requirements.
  7. Support and Assistance: NOWNodes provides responsive customer support to assist users with any queries or technical issues 24/7. Their knowledgeable support team is available to address questions, provide guidance, and resolve any concerns promptly.
  8. Regular Updates and New Blockchain Integration: The famous firm stays up to date with the evolving blockchain landscape and continuously adds support for new blockchain networks. This ensures that developers have access to the latest blockchain technologies and can leverage emerging ecosystems.

By leveraging the advantages offered by NOWNodes, individual developers and businesses can streamline their blockchain integration, access reliable infrastructure, and focus on building innovative applications without worrying about the complexities of managing blockchain nodes and paying over-pricing to maintain nodes in-house.

The Relationship between NOWNodes and Arbitrum:

Arbitrum is known as a layer 2 scaling solution for Ethereum developed by Offchain Labs. It aims to improve the scalability and throughput of decentralized applications on the Ethereum network. Arbitrum operates as a separate technology and ecosystem.

NOWNodes first launched dedicated access to the Arbitrum blockchain back in April 2022, then the 2 companies actively supported each other in the social media channels for over a year. Today the node provider successfully launched a shared RPC full node on all its plans.
The company mentions that Arbitrum Blockbook will be available on its website in June 2023.

To learn more about NOWNodes’s shared Arbitrum RPC node or explore other blockchain infrastructure services, such as Bitcoin node, Ethereum node, Cardano node, or any other blockchains out of 68 available please visit the official website NOWNodes.io.