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November Sales – The Best Time to Shop for a Wedding Ring for Your Loved One

Unless you’ve landed on earth for the first time only a few days ago, you probably know that November is THE month for shopping. In fact, Chinese Singles Day racked up a trillion Yuan (140.8 billion USD) in expenditures around the world this year. Well, it might seem like these shopping frenzies have been around ever since the invention of the wallet, but most of them (Black Friday aside) ‘came into life’ only in recent years.

If you’re planning on buying a brand-new set of pants or sweaters for the whole family this month, you should know that November shopping is much more than just that nowadays. Wedding rings, for example, are also sold at attractive prices – and it is a great opportunity for engaged couples who are keeping a close eye on their expenditures.

Is it really a good idea to buy an item like a wedding ring on sale, though? Should you really save when it comes to something so precious? We took a look around and discovered that not only are the prices very attractive, but you can also find some high-end diamond rings on display, alongside other stunning jewelry items. Best Brilliance, for example, is a world-renowned online jewelry retailer, and it offers a wide variety of wedding rings at special prices this month

Buying a wedding ring (Source: Shutterstock)

A wedding ring is a true need

True, not everybody is a big fan of these so called ‘shopping holidays’. A lot of people end up buying things they don’t really need just because they are on sale. Aside from the money wasted, we must also think of the environmental hazard of this exaggerated consumerism.

With that said, buying a wedding ring on sale is not the same. After all, those who buy them actually need them – you probably won’t buy a wedding ring just because you saw it at a good price, right? In that case, why not buy the ring in November, and save a few good bucks in the process? This is especially true for those who are set to be newlyweds in the future, and need to consider every penny they spend, and that’s why Best Brilliance and other leading retailers – whether online or offline – make a great effort to offer the most attractive prices.

Buy your jewelry online now, or you’ll regret it

The future of jewelry shopping, just like all other goods, is naturally online. It might seem a bit odd to buy a wedding ring for your loved ones without seeing it or trying it on. But you’d be surprised how quickly this trend is catching on – mainly because it is more comfortable, speedy and affordable than its ‘brick and mortar’ alternative.

Today’s shopper is much more fluent in online shopping than they were just a few years ago – and this means that they’ve also become smart consumers on the World Wide Web. Let’s not also forget the biggest advantages of internet stores – and that is the wide variety at your fingertips at any given moment. Shop around, compare prices and make the right decision for you in a manner of minutes.

Best Brilliance has definitely taken variety to the next level. Not only is their website user friendly, it is also categorized and organized in a way that enables you to find exactly what you are looking for, to the smallest detail. They even let you customize the ring you wish to buy from top to bottom, and if you’re worried about not trying it on first, there’s a solution for that as well – they offer you a complementary ring sizer, just to be on the safe side. Here’s just a small glimpse of the stunning selection of wedding rings on their website.

Josie Eternity wedding ring

Source: Best Brilliance

The ‘Josie Eternity’, for starters, is a 1-carat & 14K eye-popping yellow gold ring. Delicate, stylish, and minimalist, this ring will make sure your chosen thinks of you wherever she is. It’s a bubble-styled ring with a round-shaped diamond band. Its look is rather unique – a perfect way to make your loved one feel one of a kind.

‘Angelina’, as opposed to ‘Josie Eternity’, takes an entirely different approach, by being distinctively more ‘bling bling’, and it just can’t be ignored. It’s made of 14K rose gold and ornamented with 1.4-Carat diamonds, distributed between a centered large oval eye, and diamond flakes all around. Truly classy.

Yet another stunning example of the fine rings on this site is ‘Catherine’, which is differentiated by its second-to-none royal look. It’s ornamented with seven round diamonds, which sum up to no less than 0.75 carat. Its platinum band shines like a star, and makes whoever is wearing it feel like one…

Catherine wedding ring

Source: Best Brilliance

A wedding ring on Single’s Day

Buying a wedding ring on Chinese Singles Day may sound contradictory. However, this shopping festival is indeed an ideal time to do just that. Take a quick look at the massive selection of wedding rings offered in sale for Singles Day at Best Brilliance’s website, and you’ll understand why.

This online retailer doesn’t only excel at variety, pricing, and customization options: They raise the bar in terms of fair diamond trade. Best Brilliance makes sure that all of the natural diamonds they offer are 100% conflict-free: They do not connect with diamond suppliers who do not live up to ethical and environmental standards. Even better – they also offer an eye-popping wide selection of lab-grown diamonds for wedding rings that look, feel, and actually are the same as natural diamonds. Not to mention that they are much more affordable than mined diamonds.

So, overall, November is probably the best time to buy the wedding ring that shall (hopefully!) be on your chosen one’s finger forever. And if you’re already doing that, why not go for an online store where you can find an overwhelming selection of beautiful and affordable wedding rings?