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NodeReal launched a powerful Aptos explorer – TraceMove

In recent weeks, NodeReal announced the launch of TraceMove. TraceMove is a powerful blockchain explorer and analytics platform built for Aptos, and we are ready to support Aptos Mainnet from day one.

TraceMove is designed to allow users to quickly and conveniently search the blocks, transactions, addresses, etc. on Aptos while enabling:

  • Powerful features for developers
  • Warnings of security details of modules/tokens to help users avoid transaction risks
  • Improved mobile-end experience

Aptos is the proof-of-stake Layer 1 blockchain that utilizes key elements of Diem (former Meta blockchain) and Move (a Rust-based programming language developed by Meta). Its mission is to build a safe, scalable and upgradable foundation for Web3, and NodeReal is in full support of this mission with the release of TraceMove. Currently being one of the top Validators on Aptos, NodeReal itself is also empowering developers to make their Web3 journey real by providing the fastest API services and a one-stop solution on Aptos. 

With the great anticipation and early success of the Aptos Explorer TraceMove launch, it’s important to update the initial roadmap for developers and the Aptos community as a whole in Q4, 2022.

(TraceMove Roadmap)

The Most Comprehensive Asset List on Aptos

With the growing and recurring industry that is actively driven by crypto and NFTs, NodeReal recognizes this and looks to involve an asset list that includes the coin as well as NFT list. 

Furthermore, with version 1.1, TraceMove will also enable the verification function for modules. The module verification function provides additional transparency to the information flow and security guarantee of any smart contract for users.

Coin & NFT Detail View

In order for searchers to have comprehensive information on the desired coin or NFT, a more detailed transaction view will be made available for individual assets in November. In addition, TraceMove will also include a rich list view to provide an overview of the total value of asset holding on Aptos. More precisely, this will allow users to look into Transfers, Inventory and Holders of any project or specific asset as a whole or to dive deep.

Module Display

Full source code (compiled move code display) on Aptos is supported to access the original codes on the modules (Smart Contracts). TraceMove plans to support more functionalities such as links to the framework/library source code in October and module calling in November. Module calling will allow developers to interact with modules easily on Aptos.


Tags are valuable assets for all blockchains since they help users quickly identify potential on-chain risks or opportunities. TraceMove will support hot address tags by the end of Oct (internal-maintained tags) to display the name of a famous wallet, hacker, naming service, or project in accounts/transactions-related pages. In the future, TraceMove will encourage users to tag by themselves so that together we can create more valuable metadata for the whole ecosystem.  

Future Ongoing Updates

Overall, NodeReal understands the importance of frequently updating our developers and users on the TraceMove roadmap and will continue to do so through December and beyond. With that note, TraceMove will explore more advanced features such as:

  • Security hints to alert users to avoid transactions with high-risk accounts
  • On-chain analytics and dashboard with an easier and more convenient way to view information at-a-glance
  • Integration to connect Aptos wallets and call smart contracts directly


Last but not least for 2022 is the NodeReal REST API service for Aptos. The built-in APIs allow you to support your dApps building on Aptos. NodeReal REST API helps developers make the best data-informed decisions on Aptos. With the Aptos mainnet launch over the horizon, NodeReal will continue to provide top-notch performance services to support all the blockchain initiatives on Aptos.

About NodeReal

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