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Newly Launched Gaggle Social Challenging the Technology Hiring Status Quo

Gaggle Social receives praise from enterprises worldwide. “The platform is rightfully serving its purpose,” says CEO Jared Tang.

New York City, New York-March 6th, 2023-The newly launched Gaggle Social is a professional social networking platform specializing in enterprise software hiring for technologies like Salesforce, NetSuite, AWS, Oracle, and others. It provides hiring managers with the tools they need to streamline their technology recruitment by cutting down on time, money, and hassle during the hiring process.

According to Jared Tang, the CEO of Gaggle Social, the biggest challenge is how complex it is to identify the right talent and right jobs to invest your time. Popular job boards are one-size-fits-all and attempt to boil the ocean, making it difficult for them to develop tailored solutions for specific industries. This leaves room for technology recruiters to leverage these boards and triple the hiring investment of companies looking to bring on talent or contract managed service providers.

The free to use networking platform is cutting-edge because it is the only 3rd party recruiter-free job site and the only niche professional network focused on simplifying the complex process of enterprise technology hiring. Rather than providing recruiters with tools designed to make their lives easier and their services more expensive, it provides end users with the functionality they need to increase the success rate of identifying the right talent, advertising their jobs cost-effectively, and marketing their skills better. Such as their skills evaluation tools, automated statement of work document generation, reverse auction work category that allows contractors and consultancies to compete against each other live by providing flexibility, and much more.  

When Jared was asked how he is spearheading recent trends in his industry, he explained, “The term “Talent Shortage” has been bandied about in the media a lot lately. But we’re simply looking at it through the lens of a propagandized talent scarcity without also assessing the strength and motivations of the channels through which talent and businesses are connecting. Our system is optimized to streamline the communication between these two spheres by making information more accessible, streamlining the recruitment procedure, and decreasing associated expenses.”

“I used to be in technology recruitment which is where I recognized the problems within the leading job platforms and their relationship with the industry. From the struggle of the technology professional and the pressure that technology-non-specialized hiring teams experience while trying to find the right talent. I like this industry because I like helping others, I feel that it is my responsibility to solve the problems that they are facing.” Tang further explains.

About Jared Tang

Jared Tang is the CEO and co-founder of Gaggle Social, an enterprise application devoted social network and hiring platform meant to expedite technology employment. Jared has a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Pace University, a Certificate in Executive Leadership from Cornell University, and a Certificate in Entrepreneurship Specialization from The Wharton School. Utilizing his background in HR, marketing, and IT, Jared is committed to expanding the opportunities for enterprise application professionals in the areas of recruitment and education. Avoiding a universal solution, he has instead applied his expertise to streamline and improve the hiring process without the use of traditional recruitment agencies or intermediaries.

Jared has extensive experience in the startup industry, where he excels in laying the groundwork for the marketing and communications teams. He has led creative and digital marketing campaigns for businesses and nonprofits alike in the Financial District of Manhattan’s most competitive industries, including broadcasting, health and wellness, care coordination, and, most recently, enterprise software, in addition to recruitment and technical implementation services. 

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