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NeoCortexAI Raised Under Million dollar USD through IDOs on Major Launchpads and Prepares for PancakeSwap Listing on March 21st

 Tortola, British Virgin Islands – NeoCortexAI, a cutting-edge blockchain project aimed at revolutionizing the field of artificial intelligence, has successfully raised Under Million dollar USD through initial DEX offerings (IDOs) on multiple platforms and seed rounds with participation from Oddiyana Ventures, Triple Gem Capital, Ferrum Network and Farium Ventures. IDOs on Vulture Peak, BSCLaunch, Brandpad, and Spores Network were sold out earlier than expected, indicating strong investor interest in the NeoCortexAI project at the current market scenario. 

The NeoCortexAI project aims to combine the power of blockchain technology with artificial intelligence to create a decentralized AI network that can provide cutting-edge AI solutions to individuals and businesses. By leveraging the power of blockchain, NeoCortexAI aims to create a secure and transparent ecosystem that can provide AI solutions to the blockchain world.

The success of NeoCortexAI’s IDOs on multiple platforms is a testament to the project’s strong vision and innovative approach to AI and blockchain. With the funding secured, the NeoCortexAI team is poised to take their project to the next level and continue to build out their decentralized AI network.

As part of their next steps, NeoCortexAI will be listing their CORAI token on PancakeSwap on March 21st. This highly anticipated listing will provide investors with a new opportunity to get involved in the NeoCortexAI project and participate in the development of this groundbreaking blockchain-based AI network.

“We are thrilled with the success of our IDOs and are excited to bring our project to PancakeSwap,” said the NeoCortexAI team. “Our goal is to create a truly decentralized AI network that can provide reliable and accurate AI solutions to a wide range of industries, and we believe that blockchain technology is the key to making this vision a reality. We are looking forward to working with the community to continue building out our network and bringing the power of AI to the blockchain world.”

With strong investor interest and a highly anticipated listing on PancakeSwap, NeoCortexAI is poised to become a major player in the world of blockchain-based AI networks. Investors and AI enthusiasts alike are encouraged to keep an eye on this exciting project as it continues to develop and grow.

About NeoCortexAI:

NeoCortexAI is a comprehensive platform that seamlessly links blockchain technology and artificial intelligence to push forward the leaders of the new world. The platform offers AI-Launchpad for cutting-edge AI projects, Multi-AI-Index Pool with DCA AI bots, AI-Swap, and AI-Brain Center to create the ultimate one-stop-gateway to the latest developments and trends in AI and blockchain technology. 

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